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PS3xploit Resigner 3.0

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A tool to resign PSX/PS2/PS3/PSP content for use with PS3 et'HAN'ol

PKG files are resigned converting from DEBUG to HAN style


Separate resigning for .ENC/.EDAT/CONFIG is also supported by ps3xploit_rifgen_edatresign.exe/ps3xploit_rifgen_edatresign

Pre-compiled binary for Windows is found on source/pre-compiled/windows/ps3xploit_rifgen_edatresign.exe

Linux package need build from source cd source/src; make output is source/src/ps3xploit_rifgen_edatresign

Thanks to:

  • #PS3XploitTeam for PS3Xploit-Resign
  • #PSL1GHTDevelopmentTeam for pkg.py
  • @CaptainCPS-X for original script to build a pkg
  • @aldostools for PS3 Tools Collection (Specially PKG Creation)
  • @Hexcsl for original compile rifgen and stuff


To Resign Input Files Place on Ouput
RAP to RIF act.dat input/act_dat/ output/pkgs/PKG_RIF-INSTALLER.pkg_signed.pkg
idps.hex input/idps_hex/
.rap input/raps/
PKG .pkg input/pkgs/ output/pkgs/


'resign_windows.bat' for Windows OR 'resign_linux.sh' for Linux

Que novedades incluye la versión 3.0


  • fixed issue where some pkg resigning will give corrupted output.
  • all the new rifs are generated by the current timestamp

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