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Luma Installer 2.0

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This is a tool designed to assist in the installation of Luma3DS onto a 3DS system.

It comes with usage instructions built in.

It is designed for people who either are unsure of where to copy files on the SDCard, or people who just want to save time.

Really all it does is organize your Homebrew and games (CIA files) into a tidy list, allowing you to choose what items to install, and push one button to do so. I find it VERY handy, as I install a lot of CFW on friends consoles, and this makes the process MUCH faster and easier.


Anemone was created by Astronautlevel, credit to him for his work.
Luma was created by AuroraWright, credit to him for his work.
FBI was created by Steveice10, Credit to him for his work.


Load the Installer, choose the SD card location, and any Homebrew/Games you want installed, and hit Start.
This will install the first "Package" on the SD card, You will then need to follow the directions on the website provided in the Kit from last time.

How to Add Games and Homebrew:

You can choose to look for Games/Homebrew in any folder you choose, or search for *.CIA files in order to locate the Installation Directory.

As standard, Homebrew Apps will be in the APPS folder, Games will be in the GAMES folder

The program reads the FOLDER NAME in order to populate the list, so games must be stored like so


Homebrew Apps must be stored Accordingly


Some homebrew apps contain folders that are needed to run. in these cases copy the folders to "3ds" folder


C:\Apps\Appname\3ds\Put Folders Here

If you follow these instructions, the program will Automatically include any Games/Homebrew you put in these folders.

by StatusQuo.

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