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reF00D 1.1

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It allows you to run modules such as games or system apps that require a FW different from your own. This includes thing such as 3.69 games or 3.51 apps.

How to use:

  • Add reF00D.skprx path to your taihen config.txt or use Autoplugin to install it. Note for devs: The release version does not work with plugin loader and must be used in taihen config.txt
  • Reboot. Enjoy !

NOTE: rePatch module loading will take priority over reF00D. If a module is in the rePatch folder, it will be loaded first and reF00D will not attempt to decrypt it.


Q: I've installed this plugin but games still error with C1-6703-6 code.
A: This error means that vita still couldn't run games/apps. This, in return, means reF00D plugin is not loaded, which might be caused by:

  • Bad TAI configuration, for example typo in reF00D line, putting it into wrong section of tai configuration, or using wrong tai configuration file,

Q: Even if add reF00D.skprx to config.txt, vita freezes or reboot.
A: The following causes are possible.

  • Unsupported system version. Currently supported system versions are 3.60 to 3.73.
  • Modules required for reF00D were not loaded. But this cause is a negligible possibility.
  • Insufficient system memory. Other kernel modules may be using too much system memory.

Special thanks:

Team Molecule for feeding the p00r.

To motoharu, aerosoul, TheFloW, xerpi, St4rk, Mathieulh, zecoxao for having reversed a part of the PSVita and made useful tools.

To Silica for his mental illness (actually caring about PSM) which made us realize the headers weren't always in order.

To sys for being sys.

Testing team:

amadeus, Samilop Iter, Thibobo, Yoti, Waterflame, Z3R0

by FAPS Team.

Que novedades incluye la versión 1.1


  • Fixed many bugs
  • Sped up program decryption time
  • Removed keys.bin dependency
  • reF00D now decrypts all programs
  • Added custom key set to take advantage of SCE system features in HB. Requested by @GrapheneCt.

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