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PS3 PS2 Classics GUI 2.2.3

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The tool allows to decrypt PS2 Classics for PS3 and encrypt any PS2 to play on PS3 (fat/slim/superslim).


  • Allow you to select ISO or BIN/CUE PS2 game image, and encrypt it to ISO.BIN.ENC file acceptable by PS3.
  • In this mode app automatically ask that you want to add LIMG sector to image, but you can do this also by ADD LIMG button.
  • Also in this mode you can encrypt VMC file to VME accepted by PS2 classics, but you don't have to do this for empty card, app do this while create pkg.


  • Allow you to decrypt official PS2 Classic game (require klicensee), and decrypt files made by ps2classic GUI
  • Decrypt VME memory card to non encrypted VMC file
  • Decrypt Config File included in official and homemade packages

Make PKG

  • Here you can build PKG with your ISO.BIN.ENC file
  • Also here you will be prompted to add decrypted CONFIG file (cancel dialog if game work without config)
  • You can change custom images and sounds here (ICON0, PIC0, PIC1, SND, etc.) for your pkg
  • Change title displayed in XMB



TIP: Now you can convert your PS2 ISOs to PKG directly from Windows Explorer: Go to "Options" set the output mode to Package File, set a default path and enable Shell Integration.

by Aldostools & psdev-net Team.

Que novedades incluye la versión 2.2.3


  • Bug fixes building pkg due path name.

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