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WADder 2.7.3

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WADder is a easy to use channel creator. It creates channels from just a DOL, a few images, and a name. Comes with an installer and easy GUI.


  • Run WADder from your desktop
  • Enter values for the options.
    • Pay special attention to the Title ID field: this MUST be different for EACH channel on your Wii
    • You must enter something for every option.
    • Do not enter fancy characters for the Channel Name.
    • Banners and icons do not need a special size, they will be internally resized.
    • Sound must be a WAV file, or click silent to not use any sound.
    • Check to disable splashscreen if you want to watch the WADder magic . The splash is a nice coverup to the messy process of making a wad.
  • Click Create WAD! and wait for it to ask you where to save the wad.
  • Choose where and press save! The names of the WADs are CHANNEL_NAME-TITLEID.
  • Choose where to save the images too. They are [channel name]-[banner/icon/logo].jpg.

Thanks go out to:

  • Team Twiizers for making everything possible and for adding the bubblebreaker game to the HBC
  • Waninkoko for letting us install WADs in the first place.
  • djdynamite123 for initial encouragement and testing
  • IronMask for testing
  • Mrkinator for graphics and testing
  • SpaceJump for ideas and testing
  • deba94 for telling me more about the format of WADs
  • Gally (whoever he is) for writing the U8 tools and the TPL converter
  • Arm the Homeless for Linux discussion to keep me unbored
  • many more (if you feel you should be in this list PM me )

by icefireicefire.

Que novedades incluye la versión 2.7.3


  • New Icon (by Mrkinator)
  • New SplashScreen (by Mrkinator)
  • Added MP3 Support
  • Switched to LAME encoder (actually less lame than the previous one tongue.gif)
  • Added n00b protection (common-key.bin missing detection)
  • Added a sorta-crash-cleanup thing. You still need to close all the icons in the tray near the clock if it messes up though. 

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