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Ultimate Toolbox 1.02

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XMB Menu for PS3 from DeViL303.

There might be some bugs, So use at your own risk. This should work on any recent CFW that has support for XMBM, by that I mean any recent CFW that has this query in category_game.xml. If your firmware does not have this query you can add support by simply adding it to your own xml.


It has been tested on 4.87.2 Evilnat CFW and also on recent Rebug FW (4.84.2 and 4.86.1).

ultimate toolbox screenshot.jpg

Some extra info on this XMB Mod for those interested.

You will notice when you first install it there is a "Run this once now to install the required plugin" item at the top of the menu. Like the title suggests this should be ran once to install the required files to flash. This is placed here so that its not missed by anyone as its very important this is ran after initial install.

This installer application installs these vital files to dev_flash:

  • xai_plugin.sprx (used for dump tools, installed incase it does not exist on the system)
  • xai_plugin.rco - dummy rco
  • videodownloader_plugin.sprx (extended xai_plugin required for all copy operations)
  • videodownloader_plugin.rco (dummy rco)
  • category_psn.xml (installed to stop category HM apps from showing in the PSN category)
  • downloader_plugin.sprx (I added this due to the fact that Evilnat 4.87.2 CFW seems to be missing a patch to this file)

So that's all fairly simple, run this once and files install and once the console comes back to the XMB. You will notice that its not there anymore at the top of the menu, now it has moved into the Ultimate Toolbox Setup menu and now it has a different name "Reinstall Ultimate Plugin". This is put there in case you need it later.

The reason this is included here is for the situation where you have updated or reinstalled your CFW, this will lead to the files on flash being removed, so if you install or update CFW, remember you need to run this again once to reinstall the required files to flash.

Uninstalling Ultimate Toolbox: If you want to remove the Toolbox from your system for any reason you can press triangle on this icon and select "Delete", after a reboot the Toolbox will be uninstalled.

Important Note: If you forget/fail to run this application initially after first installing the toolbox, OR after a CFW reinstall/update, you will get kicked to recovery and see this screen if you try to use most features, do not worry, this is not a soft brick. Just press the PS button once and the system will reboot back onto the XMB. Then you can run the "Reinstall Ultimate Plugin" app and everything will be working again. This happens due to the fact you are trying to call a plugin that does not exist.

Que novedades incluye la versión 1.02


  • Toolbox is now modular with a 30MB BASE version being the standard download.
  • On the BASE version, Optional extras like Coldboot Logos, Coldboot sounds, Fonts, themes, PS2 emulators , wallpapers and visualizations are now all available for download from inside their respective menus, or from within the new Module Manager in Toolbox Setup.
  • Users can install the FULL version if they want all modules available after install without any extra downloads required.
  • The BASE version can be upgraded to be exactly the same as the FULL version by downloading all modules.
  • The FULL version can be downgraded to be exactly the same as the BASE version by removing all modules.
  • Added options to toggle xmb_plugin for showing IP info on the XMB.
  • New screensaver options with ability to download OR stream 10 screensaver videos with or without audio
  • Small change to File Explorer so it shows dev_hdd0 and dev_hdd1 as separate entries.
  • Power options toggler now has "reboot options" as requested by @aldostools
  • Added force canyon presets menu with 60 options
  • Added force wave presets menu with 33 options
  • Added PS2 Netemu toggler with 8 options. (Thanks to @kozarovv for those files)
  • Added XMB icons style toggler with 12 options (icons.qrc)
  • Now over 100 fonts available in font installer, 80 new ones added since v1.01
  • Now over 380 coldboot logos available in the logo installer, 350 new ones added since v1.01 (thanks to @LuanTeles for those files)
  • Now over 80 Gaia visualizations available, 50 new ones added since v1.01
  • Added Impose mod (DECR 0.90 ps3 image) toggler
  • All icons optimized. All the visualization mods now using jpg icons @ 240x240. There was some 486x405 pngs left in here taken from ps3EXTRA ISOs. Shaved a few MB off.
  • All mods names standardized to make things more consistent, Now named 1.*** to xx.*** with matching icons named 1.jpg to xx.jpg (lines/earth/canyon/icons/fonts/ac3s)
  • Bugs from 1.01 fixed , missing amiga boot sound icon, ofw coldboot swapped with rebug.
  • Added an Dedicated Uninstall option to Toolbox Setup that removes Ultimate Toolbox.
  • From now on, You can use the update feature to reinstall the Toolbox if required, the update item will always be linked to the Latest BASE pkg.
  • Experimental new feature for devs that allows them to swap between debug and standard Cobra payload, the user must provide the payloads on flash. This feature is not for noobs and is experimental. Use at your own risk!

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