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Fernando's English Patch (Winning Eleven 9 PS2) 3.0

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Fernando's WE9 English Patch v3 (8/Aug/05) ONLY FOR DVD


  • All translated 100% including Formation.
  • 100% English Players names in every team 
  • Club names.
    • Master League
    • Edit Mode
    • Match Mode
    • Training
    • Cup Mode
    • League Mode
    • Option
  • National Teams names Translated
  • Stadiums translated but could be wrong.
  • Included Text in TXS.



    • Bug fixing and Nippon Challenge Help pages and one invisible text.

    I do all this things for fun. Just Enjoy! 

    Thank you all for your support! Specially to Reefur and Elite! Also to AbScroll for such a great tool and for listening to my suggestions. Thanks man!  

    by Fernando.

    Que novedades incluye la versión 3.0


    Whats new:

    • My own para file based on Abcroll gang's para: Zizou, Mhut, Gor and Dani

    Made a special and very modified version of the para file so it could fit in the big afs mantaining the size, so i could do a ppf instead a DKZ.
    Its 100% Ok and tested. Do NOT USE IT WITHOUT PERMISSION!

    • Corrected ALL CALLNAMES
    • Asia Teams for Nippon Challenge. Misc Text in nippon challenge (90% and is only lacking helps)  
    • Has a Small text so you guys can include in you own patches as a credit for this translation.

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