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LibHac 0.2.0

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LibHac is a .NET Framework and .NET Core library for reading and editing file formats used by the Nintendo Switch.

The library can be used either from the attacked .nupkg file, or directly from NuGet.

Supported formats

  • NCA
  • XCI
  • NAX0
  • RomFS
  • Save file
  • Package1
  • Package2
  • INI1/KIP1
  • CNMT
  • NACP
  • Ticket
  • Switch NAND and SD card

Additional features

  • Save file editing and signing
  • PFS0 creation
  • Switch key derivation
  • Integrity verification of NCA, XCI, etc.
  • Personalized title key reading
  • Read, parse and display information about a Switch NAND or SD card
  • Extract NCA, RomFS and other formats directly from an SD card or NAND, including patched titles
  • Read NAND directly from a Switch running memloader
  • And more!

Que novedades incluye la versión 0.2.0


  • Use a new `IStorage` interface throughout the library instead of `Stream`
    • This interface is more similar to the `IStorage` interface used by Horizon.
    • Instead of having a Stream that keeps track of the current position, IStorage accepts an offset, buffer, and length when reading or writing.
    • Unlike a Stream, an IStorage instance can be shared between multiple...