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Rekado 4.1.3

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Payload launcher written in Kotlin for Nintendo Switch.

Application doesn't require Root on your device.

SX Loader, ReiNX and Hekate payloads bundled as default.


  • Launch application.
  • Find a cable to connect your device to the Nintendo Switch. For proper work, this should be a cable that is designed for data transmission, not just for charging. It is advisable to use an A-to-C cable and an USB OTG adapter.
  • In the "Payloads" category, click the "+" button to select preloaded payload from your device's storage. Or simply transfer your payload to the Rekado folder in the device's memory. Or you can use the bundled payloads (SX Loader/ReiNX).
  • Enter your Nintendo Switch into RCM mode in any convenient way. Your Nintendo Switch will power on by itself when plugged in, be sure to hold VOLUME +.
  • Connect the device to the Nintendo Switch and allow permission for the USB access if necessary. Wait unit payloads chooser dialog will be opened and select which one you want to load.
  • Wait for payload to finish loading on your console.





Does application require Root?

Application doesn't require Root on your device.

Can it brick my device/console?

This should not happen when using the "correct" payloads. But I am not responsible for possible problems.

I want to help in Rekado's localization to my language, what should I do?

Rekado's localization files placed in few places:

  • \app\src\main\res\values\strings.xml
  • \app\src\main\res\values\arrays.xml
  • \konae\src\main\res\values\strings.xml

You should translate it. Files marked with translatable="false" should not be included in your localization. After finishing create Pull request and your localization will be added in Rekado.


Que novedades incluye la versión 4.1.3


  • Fixed: Crash on the app startup (#94).

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