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hactoolnet 0.2.0

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Hactoolnet is a tool that uses LibHac for viewing and extracting data from common Nintendo Switch file formats. It partially mimics hactool's interface.

Supported formats

  • NCA
  • XCI
  • NAX0
  • RomFS
  • Save file
  • Package1
  • Package2
  • INI1/KIP1
  • Switch NAND and SD card

Additional features

  • A progress bar!
  • Save file signing
  • Dump RomFS directly from an XCI or SD card
  • Dump SD card titles as NSP files
  • Verify the integrity of all titles on a Switch SD card or NAND
  • Switch key derivation
  • Automatic integrity verification of NCA, XCI, etc.
  • Give information about the titles and applications on a Switch NAND or SD card
  • Extract NCA, RomFS and other formats directly from an SD card or NAND, including patched titles

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Save file.PNG

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