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Check Game Firmware (CGFw) 2.08

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Check Game Firmware (CGFw) es una aplicación para Windows que nos permite saber que firmware se requiere como mínimo para ejecutar un juego de PS4.


How it works

This tool compares the game and the official firmware release dates then determine if a game is playable on selected firmware or not. This is not 100% accurate but it's pretty decent as this is still WIP.

Built-in Search engine

Took me over 500 lines of code and 48+ hours to implement a basic search engine for the offline mode and here's how it may become useful whenever you search.

  • Search all by release date
    • For games released in 2020 Search for 2020
    • For games released in November (Only type the first 3 letters of the month) Search for Nov
  • Search all by genre
    • For all Adventure genre Search for adventure
    • For all Action genre Search for action
  • Search all DLCs
    • For all DLCs Search for dlc
  • Search by Game ID (WIP, not all IDs are available)
    • For Final Fantasy VII Remake Search for cusa07187 or Search for cusa16170

Noobs Tutorial

  • Download file from the provided link and extract the file
  • Always run exe as administrator
  • Pick the desired firmware from top left hand corner
  • type the Game Title then search

by OfficialAhmed.

Que novedades incluye la versión 2.08


  • No longer supports older db link redirected to different database links
  • Few bugs patched
  • More accurate compatibility percentages when searching

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