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PES 2021 Cheat Table 21.1.0

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Cheat Table for eFootball eFootball PES 2021 Season Update.


  • Edit Focus Points in BAL Mode
  • Edit Club Budget
    • Transfer Budget
    • Salary Budget
  • Edit Player:
    • Age
    • Stronger Foot
    • Positions
    • Abilities
    • Team Role
    • Contract
    • And other misc stuff
  • Gameplay:
    • Match Time
    • Unlimited Stamina



How to use in Master League Game Mode

  1. Activate Edit Player script
  2. In Game enter My Team Info -> Squad List -> Hover player you want to edit

How to edit your player in Become a Legend Game Mode

  1. Activate Edit Player script
  2. In Game enter Game Menu -> My Data

How to Edit player in other team (same in both game modes)

  1. Activate Edit Player Script
  2. In Game enter Database -> Team Info -> Pick Team -> Squad List -> Hover Player you want to edit

How to edit Transfer/Salary Budget

  1. Activate Edit Club Budget
  2. In game go to "Team Management" -> "Negotiations"
  3. Edit values in Cheat Engine

by xAranaktu.

Que novedades incluye la versión 21.1.0


  • Initial release

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