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Webman Classics Maker 2.1.2

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Webman Classics Maker is tool for the PS3 that makes PKG shortcuts for ISO files straight to the home menu. It is using web commands through webMAN-mod to mount and launch the ISOs automatically.

Tools/Binaries used



(optional) FTP DUMP -> 'games_list.txt'

  1. Check IP settings in webMan (holding [SELECT])
  2. Edit your /settings/ftp_settings.txt with your IP
  3. To get your "game_list.txt run "FTP_Game_List.exe", or "ftp_game_list.py" for linux


  1. Run "Edit_param_sfo.exe" (Windows only right now, you can hex edit the "params.sfo" in linux)
  2. Fill in "Title ID"
  3. Fill in the field "TITLE"
  4. Drop down and fill in the field "FILE_PATH" NOTE: The filepath must be exact and it is case-sensitive! Bad path: /dev_HDD0/ps3ISO/Marvel Vs Capcom 3.iso Good path: /dev_hdd0/PS3ISO/Marvel Vs Capcom 3.iso
  5. Click "Save" to save your PARAM.SFO

BUILD PKG -> game.pkg'

  1. Run "Build_Webman_PKG.exe", or "build_all_scripts_linux.py" for linux
  2. Get your built package in the "builds"-folder
  3. Install the PKG on your PS3


  • If you hear three rapid beeps you probably misspelled your path to the ISO, double check it!
  • Sometimes at first boot the game hangs on blackscreen, reboot and start it again. This is mostly due to modifications of the same game w/o reboots.

by Roet-Ivar.

Que novedades incluye la versión 2.1.2


  • Added possibility of using custom webcommands from config-file.


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