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DaedalusX64-vitaGL 0.3

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DaedalusX64-vitaGL is a port of Daedalus X64 to PSVITA/PSTV. Daedalus X64 was an experimental N64 emulator for Linux/PSP whose target was speed over accuracy. From the original codebase of this emulator, we're building a new N64 Emulator whose target will be best compatibility possible without sacrificing speed. The emulator is being built up through combined work of me and MasterFeizz, thus implying that Daedalus X64 3DS will stay on par with the Vita build most likely and viceversa.


  • Working savestates
  • Native resolution (960x544) with MSAA 4x
  • Native support to dual analogs
  • vFlux implementation
  • Bilinear filtering
  • ARM DynaRec
  • Audio support (synchronous and asynchronous)
  • Rumble Pak support (with support to controllers rumbling on PSTV) and Controller Pak support
  • Support for multiple controllers on PSTV
  • Several more features

Special Controls

While in game:

  • Touch = Handle in game menu
  • Select = Pause/Resume emulation


  • All the original Daedalus X64 developers
  • xerpi for the original Vita port
  • m4xw for the help sanitizing PIF code
  • MasterFeizz for the ARM DynaRec
  • TheFloW for his contributions to the DynaRec code
  • frangarcj for several improvements and bugfixes
  • That One Seong & TheIronUniverse for the Livearea assets
  • withLogic for the high-res preview assets
  • Everyone who submitted donations through PayPal to me or MasterFeizz for the development of this emulator
  • All my patroners for their support:
  • Tain Sueiras
  • UnrootedTiara
  • psymu
  • @Sarkies_Proxy
  • drd7of14
  • polytoad
  • The Vita3k project
  • Waffeleisen
  • Al Capwn
  • Creckeryop
  • Wiese
  • The Libretro Team
  • Mark Vdovychenko
  • Mored4u
  • Igor Kovacs Biscaia
  • rsn8887
  • Count Duckula
  • Miles Calloway
  • Andyways
  • Daniel Krusenbaum
  • Elwood Blues
  • Justin
  • spriteice
  • gnmmarechal
  • Thomas Radeck
  • Neil MacAlasdair
  • Thomas Würgler
  • GregoryRasputin
  • styroteqe
  • Des
  • suLac4ever
  • BOBdotEXE
  • Daniel
  • Lars Zondervan
  • Pirloui
  • PSX-Place.com
  • 2Mourty
  • Dieter B

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