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This is an ASP.Net Core version of the Switch Lan Play Relay server, originally written by SpaceMeowX2 in NodeJs/Typescript.

Command Line

There are 2 available command line options allowing you to specify a port and a listen address.

Listen Address

You can specify an IP to listen on with the -ip option.

Example running on IP

dotnet SwitchLanNet.dll --ip

Listen Port

You can specify which port to listen on by with the -p option.

Example running on port 2150:

dotnet run SwitchLanNet.dll -p 2150


At the moment, only a client count and bytes/s current upload/download rate are provided by the API, returned as JSON.

To call the API, simply GET http://ip:port/


Download .net core 2.2 for your desired platform here: https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet-core/2.2

Visual Studio 2019

Install Visual Studio 2019, the community edition is fine. Clone this repo and open the .sln file in Visual Studio, wait for it to restore the packages and it should build and run fine.

Command Line

If you're developing with VS Code or another IDE, or setting the project up on a linux server, etc, you can build and run the project via the command line.

Clone the repo, cd into the project folder(SwitchLanNet, with the .csproj file) and run dotnet restore to restore the packages then you can run the project with dotnet run .

You can build the project with dotnet build. If you want to build it as release, run dotnet build --configuration Release.

You can publish the project to create a release you can distribute and run on any platform(dotnet SwitchLanNet.dll) with dotnet publish.

by Kutaro Kazuki.

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