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N-Xplorer 0.7.1

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Multi-functional file manager for the Nintendo Switch.

How to use

  • Main UI
    • Up / Down buttons to move up and down the list
    • A to open a file / folder
    • Plus / Y to open and close the sub menu
  • Text Editor
    • Up / Down change lines
    • A edit line
    • Left deletes a line
    • Right adds a line
    • B save and exit
  • Image Viewer
    • B exit



  • LibNX and DevkitPro for making the toolchain.
  • Spitzfire for the original logo which I modified.
  • Everyone in the Team AtlasNX dev chat for general help in this and other projects.

by CompSciOrbust.

Que novedades incluye la versión 0.7.1



This update is unfinished but 0.7.1 contains some annoying bugs and my switch has hardware failure so I'll have to release this in it's current state. Be aware that some new features may not work as expected since I have been unable to thoroughly test them myself. Thanks to @muxi1 for doing testing for me.


  • Fixed bug that causes segfault after installing a N-Xplorer update.
  • Fixed bug that causes file extensions not to be recognized if a file name contains more than one dot.
  • Zip extraction now extracts to a folder. Leave the name empty to extract to the current folder.
  • Added ability to theme the settings UI.
  • Fixed crash when copying a file smaller than 0.25 GB.
  • Added more sorting options (not fully implemented due to problems mentioned above).

If you want help you can join my discord (linked in the read me file) or comment on the GBATemp thread. If you want to report a bug or request a feature open a issue here on GitHub but be aware I may not be able to implement until I can afford a new Switch to do development on.


  • Changed "Copy" in the sub menu to "Select" to clear up confusion.
  • Added code for sorting the files by size and name (descending and ascending).
  • Altered behavior of the B button. End users shouldn't notice much of a difference.
  • Added settings GUI.
  • Began adding theme support.
  • Added ability to mount saves (experimental).
  • Improved file copying speeds.
  • Added zip extraction.
  • Added in app self updater.
  • And probably other stuff I'm forgetting about.

Just press minus to access the new settings menu.


  • Added parental controls when accessing nand filesystems.
  • Fixed bug that mounted the user partition to both user:/ and sys:/.
  • Added GUI save options to the text editor (Save and exit, save as and exit, and exit without saving).
  • Removed the negative button functionality in the text editor. That is now in the GUI.

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