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Easy PKG Extractor 1.05

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The Easy PKG Extrator tool allows you to extract the PKG files currently installed in your console to a USB device connected to it.
It is possible to achieve the same thing using the FTP or PS4-Xplorer server, but it is not as simple as with this application.

  • - Automatically determines which port the USB device is connected to (usb0 or usb1).
  • - Displays a progress bar to know the percentage of your copy.
  • - Allows you to cancel your copy at any time.


by Lapy.

Que novedades incluye la versión 1.0.1   See changelog



  • Added option to extract PKG from external drives, but only those in native PS4 format.
  •  Use L1 and R1 to change discs
  •  Many thanks to abodora2 for the tests and the image


  • Fixing a problem with the name of some files and with the calculation of the percentage of the progress bar.

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