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MCSwitchTools 1.1

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Small toolkit for easily managing Minecraft: Java Edition on L4T Ubuntu.


Step 0: Prerequisites

  • L4T Ubuntu

That's it, all the other prerequisites are automatically installed for you when you install MCSwitchTools for the first time.

Step 1: Downloading MCSwitchTools

  • Download the latest version of MCSwitchTools.
  • Extract the file you downloaded and make sure the name of the extracted folder is MCSwitchTools. If it is not named that, rename it.
  • Move this folder to your home folder.

Step 2: Installing MCSwitchTools

  • Open Terminal from either the launcher or by using the key combination Control+Alt+T.
  • Run these commands inside Terminal; enter your password if it prompts you for it:
sudo apt update
~/MCSwitchTools/tools.sh init

After running those commands, restart Terminal.

Step 3: Selecting your LWJGL version

Now, you need to choose a LWJGL version. The options are 2 or 3. If you plan on using Minecraft 1.13+, choose 3. If you plan on using Minecraft 1.12.2 or below, choose 2. You can change this at any time.

To choose your LWJGL version, simply run this command inside Terminal:

mc lwjgl (2 or 3)

If you're not sure which version to choose, just choose 3:

mc lwjgl 3

Step 4: Running the launcher and fixing your profiles

It's finally time to start the Minecraft launcher. Run this command to run the launcher:

mc run

Once the launcher opens, log in to your Mojang or Minecraft account then close the launcher.

For Minecraft to actually work, you'll need to run this command:

mc profiles

Any time you add a new launcher profile (for OptiFine, Forge, etc.), you'll need to run that command to prevent Minecraft from crashing.

Step 5: Starting Minecraft

Any time you want to play Minecraft, you'll have to run this command in Terminal:

mc run

After all the previous steps have been completed, you can run that command and play Minecraft as you normally would. Enjoy!

It is highly recommended that you check out the 'Tips' section below to get better FPS when playing Minecraft, though it is not necessary.



  • Create a swapfile. This will help you gain more memory and, since the Switch only has 4GB, this will help out a lot. Without this, your whole system could freeze while playing because all the memory is taken up, requiring a restart. Here's an easy guide to create a swapfile on L4T Ubuntu.
  • Use OptiFine. This may be obvious but it really does help with FPS. OptiFine can be installed the same way you normally install it on other platforms.
  • Run sudo jetson_clocks before opening Minecraft. This will make your whole system perform slightly better, and it does make a small impact on Minecraft. You'll need to run this command each time you reboot.

by Luke Chambers.

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