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Vita Moonlight 0.80

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This is a vita port of Moonlight Embedded. Moonlight is an open source implementation of NVIDIA GameStream.

by xyzz.

Que novedades incluye la versión 0.80



  • Add new option for swapping O/X buttons (#168)
  • Add new option for drawing FPS value (#167)
  • Fix RTSP message too long (#164, fbe3d06)


  • Support 960x540 resolution
  • Support GFE 3.20


  • Update latest moonlight-common-c that version would increase streaming performance and support GFE 3.19 (cfadd84, ffe8c15)
  • Update latest inih (a2e38bb)
  • Fix invalid variable initializations
  • Apply SPS changes of moonlight-embedded
  • Use nerdfont instead VITA system font (7e2b682)
  • Use vita2d instead direct framebuffer handling (70330e2)
  • Implement poor network indicator (749aaaf)

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