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MIPS Mini Assembler 1.0.0

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MIPS Mini Assembler is a single instruction assembler for the MIPS (PS2 Emotion Engine) architecture.

How to use it

Enter a line of assembly code into the upper text box and press the Enter key or click 'Assemble' to assemble an instruction.
Output will appear in the lower text box and is automatically copied to the clipboard.

The input format is the same as that used by ps2dis.
Note: Constants are written as hexadecimal preceded by '$' with the exception of shift instructions (no '$' is required).
Instructions are output in their hexadecimal representation (Big Endian format).

The 'Mask' button is used to create search patterns usable with ELF Search Tool.
This can aid in finding all instances of a given instruction within a program.
Input only the instruction name and click 'Mask' to generate a search pattern:


Note: Elf Search Tool must be set to 'Big Endian' mode.

Instruction definitions are stored in the included plaintext file mips.conf which must be in the same directory as mini_mips_asm.exe.

  • mips.conf defines the following 73 standard instructions:
    • sll, srl, sra, sllv, srlv, srav, jr, jalr, syscall, break, mfhi, mthi, mflo, mtlo, mult, multu, div, divu, add, addu, sub, subu, and, or, xor, nor, slt, sltu, bltz, bgez, bltzal, bgezal, beq, bne, blez, bgtz, addi, addiu, slti, sltiu, andi, ori, xori, lui, lb, lh, lw, lbu, lhu, sb, sh, sw, lwc1, swc1, ld, sd, j, jal, add.s, cvt.s.w, cvt.w.s, div.s, neg.s, mfc1, mov.s, mtc1, mul.s, sub.s, c.eq.s, c.lt.s, c.le.s, bc1t, bc1f
  • 2 Emotion Engine specific instructions:
    • lq, sq
  • As well as 7 mnemonic instructions:
    • bal, b, move, li, nop, not, clear

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