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SimpleModManager 2.0.0

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SimpleModManager is an homebrew app for the Nintendo Switch CFW: Atmosphere. It allows to manage your mods (via LayeredFS).


  • Place the .nro file in the /switch/ folder of your SDcard.
  • At the root of your SDcard, create a /mods/ folder.
  • Tree structure : /mods/<NameOfTheGame>/<NameOfTheMod>/<ModTreeStructureFromAtmosphereFolder>


/mods/The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild/First Person View/titles/01007EF00011E000/romfs/Actor/Pack/GameRomCamera.sbactorpack

by Nadrino.

Que novedades incluye la versión 2.0.0


New features:

  • First release of the GUI.
  • Now SMM will automatically find the game image to the game folders.
  • Mods management operation (applying, removing, checking) are now done asynchronously. This improves speed and allows a better loading monitor display.


  • Few features are still missing from the consoleUI version (like showing conflicts or detailed view of the status of each mod file). You can still switch back to the old UI by going to the Settings menu. You can switch back to the GUI as well.
  • Sometimes while playing with the mods preset editor might cause some random crashes. Those don't affect your mods files or parameters of SMM since they're related to the GUI memory allocation. If it happens just relaunch the app and everything you've done should be there.

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