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Atmosphere Updater 0.5.1

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Update Atmosphere cfw from within your switch!


  • Download the the latest release.
  • Move the downloaded .nro onto you nintendo switch sd card inside the folder /switch/atmosphere-updater.
  • That's it!


The app currently has 5 main options.

Full Atmosphere Update:

  • Downloads the latest atmosphere release and installs everything from that release.

Update Atmosphere, not overwriting .ini files:

  • Downloads the latest atmosphere release and installs everything from that release ignoring .ini files.
  • This option will still install any missing .ini files, ensuring that the update will function correctly.

Update Hekate:

  • Installs the latest release of hekate.
  • Option to install latest Atmosphere as well, when selecting update hekate.
  • Replaces atmosphere/reboot_payload.bin with the new hekate payload.

Update App:

  • Downloads the latest version of this app straight from github!
  • Deletes the previous old version.

Reboot (reboot to payload):

  • Reboots the switch, loading the payload from /atmosphere/reboot_payload.bi.
  • This is recommended after install atmosphere.
  • Updating atmosphere automatically includes the needed reboot_payload.bin.


Special Thanks!

  • toph for the design of the app icon, as well as the most icons used within the app!
  • Black Rabbit for the design of the plus icon!
  • bandithedoge for the background!

by ITotalJustice.

Que novedades incluye la versión 0.5.1




  • Hot fix for latest atmosphere release (as it was marked as pre release).
  • Complete code re write.
  • Listing previous atmosphere versions (for downgrading).
  • Check current atmosphere version installed against latest github release.


  • Added full touchscreen support.
  • Added a confirm pop-up box when selecting an option (to avoid pressing / touching the wrong option).
  • Now displays the sys / ams version (with git commit). Thanks to @KranKRival for the pr.
  • Fixed bug that would overwrite the app when selecting update app with no internet connection. Thanks to @suppai for reporting.
  • Cleaned up code!

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