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PES File Data Explorer 2019 Beta

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Author: By Devil Cold52
non-profit devoloper

  • Supports PES format : .cpk .lua .ftex .xml .awb .dds .str .png .json .bin
  • Zlib & unzlib
  • Works with PC
  • Import, export image (png,bmp,jpg,dds)
  • Convert, resize image
  • Str editor, Search, import, export to txt and export All block(s) to folder as txt
  • Export audio hca from awb
  • Export audio mp3 from awb
  • Export audio adx from awb
  • Playing audio from awb
  • Hex Editor
  • Save Editor (UNIFORM00000000,UNIFORMLOW00000192 etc)
  • CPK explorer, import, export file, import All from folder, export All to folder


  1. Open the program then click 'Open' button.
  2. After editing Files , do not forget to apply it.
  3. To save the cpk click to Save or Save As Button


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