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PESFan Option File (PES 2020 PS4) 9.0

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Important - Update compatibility : After re- importing the Options File it is necessary to re-import the Live Update to have the roses updated in the offline modes. Then go to Settings -> Apply the last live update after installing the Options File.

To fix the Bundesliga:

  • Go into edit mode -> Competition structure -> Number of
  • Bundesliga participants -> 18
  • Go to Competition structure -> Bundesliga
  • Replicate the order of the teams below. Those that are missing are in other European countries



    • Logos & Names for all competitions
    • Real names & logos all Premier League, Championship, Serie B, La Liga Santander, La Liga Smartbank
    • All uniforms for the Premier League . Credits to @ Beranu1 and @angeltorero
    • All uniforms for La Liga . Credits to @ Beranu1 and CDKitmaker
    • All the uniforms of the EFL Championship . Credits to @angeltorero
    • The uniforms and the logo of Brescia . Credits to @ Beranu1
    • Proper stadium names and managers for Premier League, Championship, Ligue 1, Ligue 2, Serie A TIM, La Liga Santander
    • Included rivalry for La Liga, Serie A TIM, Premier League and Championship


    • Uniforms for all BKT 2019/2020 Series teams . Credits to @ AntoG_25 , @ LucaCh98 , @ Mirkvus_1981 and @VanVoldemort
    • Fix: Chelsea Home uniform; Logos Bristol City, Salernitana, Hull City


    • All the Bundesliga , 100% complete with roses, formations, players, uniforms, coats of arms and sponsors. Credits to our @ Mirkvus_1981 , and to darookie, Homer S., Lemon and Valencia 25 of PESGalaxy for uniforms, sponsors and some faces.
    • Added Red Star and Salzburg, complete with roses, formations, players, uniforms, coats of arms. Credits to @ AntoG_25 and @ Mazinga64
    • Renamed the players of all the national fakes , and replaced when possible with the originals
    • Added third currencies for Rome and Naples
    • Added the sponsor for Premier League, Serie A, Series B. Some fixes to be done. Credits to @Bale
    • Banners, stadiums, rivalry for Premier League, Championship, Ligue 1, Ligue 2, Serie A, Serie B, Liga, Segunda
    • Fixed the uniforms of Liverpool, Brescia, Real Madrid some Serie B teams
    • Added the original players in the two classic national teams
    • Make several FIXes based on your valuable reports. Thanks and keep it up!


    • Insert uniforms, coach stadiums to ALL the national fakes of the game: Asian, European, African and American. Credits to @angeltorero , @Armandrillo , 4n63l_77, @ ilmatto80 , @ Gene92 , @ggdaris and others for uniforms.
    • The faces of the fake players of Mexico, + Pulisic (Chelsea), Arriole and Zardes (USA), inserted with internal editors


    • Added the J1 League , 100% complete with roses, formations, players, uniforms and badges. Credits in albiore for uniforms and sponsors.
    • Added the third currency of Italy , credits to @ dennisb1
    • Added Cluj , Ludogorets , Partizan , Malmoe and Wolfsberger in the other Europeans, complete with uniforms, roses, formations, players and coats of arms. Credits to @ AntoG_25 for uniforms.
    • Fixes and various updates to the Bundesliga and national teams

    by PESFan.

    Que novedades incluye la versión 1.0.0   See changelog


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