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Wii - GameCube MultiGame ISO Creator 3.5.4F+

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What's new:
* Fixed:    Creation and extraction of iso's with more than 3 games.
            Gamenames and banners after the third game showed up as garbage. 

* Fixed:    DVD size control was not updated if a game was removed with the delete key.
* Fixed:    Game extraction save dialog accepted invalid filenames, which threw an exception ofcourse.
* Fixed:    Handle exception if shrinking fails, just add original image to MultiGame ISO.
* Fixed:    Made ISO extraction more thread safe.        
* Added:    DVD size control, it shows if, the ISO you are creating, fits on the selected 
                    DVD type (DVD5, DVD9).        
* Added:    Updated GCOS MultiGame version to v4.0F+ DVD9.
                    dsbomber fixed a bug in the GCOS menu if you have 8 or 9 games on a dvd.
* Added:    Updated GCOS MultiGame version to v4.0F DVD9.
* Fixed:    Only first game was found when extracting from GCOS DVD9 ISO.
* Added:    You can now extract ISO's from all versions of GCOS MultiGame ISO's (v4 and previous versions)
* Added:    Updated GCOS MultiGame version to v4.0 DVD9.
* Added:    Extract ISO from GCOS MultiGame ISO
* Fixed:    Tweaked shrinking code a little bit, more games work, but not all !!
* Added:    Updated GCOS MultiGame version to v3.0.
* Fixed:     Rename gamename only showed last typed character.
* Fixed:     Shrunk images didn't work, fixed it and compared images with images shrunk with GCMUtility v0.5.
                    Tested 10 images, shrunk images where exact copies of output images from GCMUtility.
                    Though, one image didn't work (Mario Golf Toadstool Tour), but neither did the shrunk
                    image from GCMUtility! Maybe somebody knows why...
* Fixed:    Racing condition in MultiGame ISO creation thread (application lockup)
*    Added:     "Ignore ImageCheck" in File menu.
* Fixed:    Renamed "Compress" to "Shrink", because it's more commonly used.

Create GameCube MultiGame Images for you Wii the easy way !!
The Image will selfboot on your Wii and GameCube.
You need a modchip for this.

.Net 2.0 Framework required.

Add some GameCube Images (iso, gcm) to the list.
You can rename gamenames (select game and press F2) and move the images up and down in the list.
Tick the Shrink checkbox and the Image will be shrunk prior to adding it to the multigame image.
(Shrunken Images are placed in the "Compressed Images" folder in the application folder.)
Select the region of your Wii.
Click "Create MultiGame ISO" button.

Based on the source of SELFBOOT GCOS MultiGame Version of Emu_kidid.


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