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  • Añadido el: Aug 01 2008 08:33
  • Actualizado el: Aug 28 2008 03:46
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Descargar iLeopard 2.1

Leopard is a free theme for Mac OS X that looks gives the look and feel of iTunes 7 to all the interface, by Guillaume Campagna.

Changelog 2.1:

* New custom installation
    * Firefox popup
    * Bevel buttons
    * Mini segments
    * Mod of some preference system
    * A menu pointer for help for blue user
    * Toolbar mod of Prevew and Mail by Pace
    * Small iCal mod
    * Round popups is now the default choices
    * Square push buttons is now the default choices
    * Better disclosure buttons
    * Tweeked all the "purple" color
    * Options : Aqua in every UI element
    * Options : Square push buttons
    * Options : Purple tabs and segments
    * Options : Curved popup and popdown
    * Options : Default titile bar control
    * Options : Pastel iLeopard title bar control by Halopend
    * Options : Tiger like title bar control by Pace
    * Options : Blue title bar control by Pace
    * Options : Curved metal pills for Mail and Preview by Pace
    * Options : Mobile me buttons for Mail and Preview by adambz and cmyk.designs
    * A lot of square popdown bugs
    * One pixel bug in radio buttons
    * End of prog bar
    * Fix mobile me tabs (Apple's error...)
    * Fix a bug in scroll bar on two double arrow interface (Thanks Miltos)
    * Small fixes all across the system

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