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Descargar Team Symbiote Wii DVD Player beta 1.0

With special thanks to, nintendo-scene, Team YOASM and Maximus (possibly one of the greatest unsigned hackers ever), Golf for his linux genious and really doing most of the work, Me (LittleJonny), and Redeath and some fast input from phonymike on our leaked/cracked wii-key code.

Dont forget to buy a wii-boss!!!!!!

Sorry to all the people that we had no real chance to credit, there were heaps more that worked on this but i really dont want to keep this on my computer much longer in case it goes missing forever, everyone will be correctly credited on the next release.

...please help us make this better, if you want to help us and have skills to offer then please contact us through www.symbiote. org.  Linux, C, and ASM all welcome.


P.S Tested for 10 min on single layer and dual layer with

	YOASM 1.8


Burn with clone CD, Boot in modded wii with homebrew based mod programmed with YOASM 1.8 (I used a wii-boss). When menu comes up then the hit "z" to unmount, change disc to DVD movie and hit "start" to play.

To quote WAB yet again "code should be free!"


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