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Descargar Open PS3 FTP for 4.21 v3.0

OpenPS3FTP is an open source ftp server for the PS3. It has an implementation of most
ftp commands and also supports most ftp clients. It has some compliance to the ftp RFC.

To compile the source, you will need the PSL1GHT homebrew SDK installed on your computer.
Version 1 of the SDK is required to compile versions prior to v2.2, and version 2 of the
SDK is required for v2.2 and later.

Default login details:
- username: root
- any password is accepted unless if the passwd file (containing the password) exists


Source code git:
License: GPL (version 3)


Follow me on Twitter: @jjolano
Visit my homebrew website:
Support me by donating:

Thanks for using this program!

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