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iXiso is a nifty little OSX frontend for in's extract-xiso tool. Its actually pure applescript (+ a lil bash hacking).
I started to mess with Xcode, but soon found it to be cumbersome.

What it does:
This little fella will extract a given Xbox 360 xiso file to a given folder.
It was initially designed to function as a droplet:
▪ just drop an .iso file on the app and it will ask you for a folder to extract to.

If no file is dropped on the app, it will ask you for an .iso file.

Why for god's sake?
I wanted to get xiso extraction done on my mac with as few clicks as possible.
I wrote this because i thought it might come in handy.
If you dont like it - dont use it.

▪ you need to provide a proper xbox iso image. everything else will fail, of course.

Version history:
0.7 : recompiled Aiyyo's extract-xiso hack 2.6.3
changed the mechanism how extract-xiso is called.
introduced file operation logging > extract.log (yay!)
introduced a progress bar (yay!)
new icon (yay!)

0.6 : XGD3 images are now supported!
new feature: skip the $SystemUpdate folder.
got rid of some recursive code.

0.5 : i decided to rename it to iXiso.
due to terminal's input format limitations i had to drop terminal output.
but this means, that spaces and special characters will be handled the right way now! yay!

i will add iso image creation functionality later, but want to build a "real" user interface with Xcode first.
i guess that will take a while.

0.4 : extract-xiso onboard. no need to install it beforehand.

0.3 : dual mode - droplet AND double click (yay!).

0.2 : switch to applescript.

0.1 : basic concept in apple automator. didnt work very well.

by Kickass.

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