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XFlasher 360 0.8

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In the past there have been many users who have had problems when it comes to flashing their drive  under Windows (Drive-bricking, Windows freezes, etc.) so I have decided to program a DOS-based tool  that automatically does the following:

  • - Copying of the DVD-Drive Firmware
  • - Spoofing/patching of the Firmware
  • - Flashing the DVD-Drive with iXtreme 

The Tool: XFlasher completes the entire Flash-Procedure. For this the original firmware  as well as the the files iXtreme.bin, org.bin, key.bin, identify.bin, inquiry.bin or dummy.bin are  placed in separate folders.

Note: Not all of the files mentioned above are created for every drive model. DVD drives from Lite-On, BenQ, and Samsung/Toshiba are supported. It is not possible to flash Hi-tachi  drives under DOS at the moment, if this should change in the future then newer versions of Xflasher  will most probably be released with the added support.

Essential Hardware

1) A PC with SATA and COM Ports (a COM port is only necessary for Lite-On 74850C drives). 
   A PCI-SATA card also does the trick. Boards with VIA or INTEL chipsets are recommended
2) A USB-Boot-Stick with DOS and the content from the XFlasher 360 file    
3) iXtreme firmware for Lite-On 74850C (ixLitV1.bin), Lite-On 83850c (ixLitV2.bin), BenQ- (ixBenQ.bin) and 
   Samsung/Toshiba (ixSam.bin) drives (gets copied to the firmware folder)
4) A RS232 converter for the Lite-On 74850C drive (i.e. 360 Xtractor Tool)


Warning: This will completely format your USB-drive!!!
1) Open the files "Install and format USB.bat" and select the drive letter of your USB-drive.
   All required files will be copied to your USB-drive, this will make it bootable.
2) Boot your PC from the USB-drive.


ver 0.8
- Lite-On Lite-On 83850c support added
- directory structure changed
- added free-dos instead ms-dos
- updated english and german
- removed french support
- using DosFlash v1.8 for flashing
- using Firmtool v1.4 and liteTool 0.2 for spoofing/key-changing
- added support for Floppy-Disk 
  (now you can copy 1. hacked firmware file on disk)
- firmware filenames can be changed in "settings.ini"

ver 0.78
- iXtreme 1.6 repack
- changed firmware filenames

ver 0.77
- Bug fixing
- Fix for read DVD-Key 
- Fix for erase BenQ and Samsung DVD-Rom
- Updated english and german How 2

ver 0.75             
- Added option for read the DVD-Key several times
- Fix for read Samsung/BenQ DVD-ROM
- Added USB-formatting tool with DOS
- Added language menu at 1st start
- Added english language 
- Added english How to
- Added french language
- Added french How to
- Bug fixing
- Fix for show correct ANSI-Fonts (German: like ‰ and ¸) under Dos
ver 0.71
- Open beta release
- Bug fixing
- Added logfile

ver 0.5  
- Bug fixing
- Added Menu
- Added Flashing routines

ver 0.1   
- Initial release

Thanks goes to:

- c4eva for the iXtreme Firmware
- Geremia, Modfreakz and Kai Schtrom for DosFlash 
- Caster420 for FirmTool
- Klutsh for liteTool
- hitman43, Arakon and MountieXXL for the translations and beta testing

And all i forgot

by Trancy.

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