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SkinFlasher360 v2

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Team Trinity has created this Skin Flashing application for you.  

Thanks to:

  • Cancerous1 - Support and a Idea to fix the app. From: xboxhacker
  • Team Trinity - Coded and Developed by
  • XeDev - Support

How to use:

  1. Put both of the files SkinFlasher360.xex and font.ttf in the same directory.
  2. Start up the xex and you should get a GUI, if for some reason your xbox is  stupid then it will run blind mode.
  3. Press A to backup your theme
  4. Press X to flash your modified theme named "flash.fdf" (without quotes) to your xbox
  5. When its finished it will write out a log file and return you to dashboard.

Other notes:

This is NOT for jtags. (Maybe, I don't know...) This was developed for XDK's

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