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Reset Glitch Loader (RGLoader) 0v311

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__________________________/ \__________________________
___/ - RESET GLITCH LOADER-dev 0v311 - \___
________ #RGLoader @ EFnet ________
_____ // \_________________/ \\ _______
\________________| RELEASE NOTES |________________/

--------------------------- NOTICE ----------------------------
IF THE LAUNCHER CRASHES ON YOU, UPDATE TO .NET 4.5! This usually happens for non-english language packages.

------------------------ Compatibility ----------------------------
-Xenon Jtag 16MB
-Zephyr Jtag/RGH/RGH2 16MB
-Falcon Jtag/RGH/RGH2 16MB
-Jasper Jtag/RGH/RGH2 16MB
-Trinity RGH 16MB
-Corona RGH 16MB

_________________/ / \ \_____________________
/ - | USAGE | - \

You will need .NET Framework 4.0 or 4.5 installed. May also work with Mono.

-Copy rgloader.ini and bootanim.wmv to the root of the hard drive.

-Copy the contents of hdd-filesystems to 'Hdd:\Filesystems\15574-dev'

-Extract the 0v300 builder rar to a folder.

-Copy 'filesystems' and 'loaders' to the 0v300 builder folder overwriting files/folders.

-Run the launcher and build your nand

-Open the RGBuild Launcher and type in your CPU_Key and select your build options.

-Click the NAND button to browse for your source nand image.

-Click "RGBuilder" button to start the process.

-Output will be next to this file named: Image._____.bin

-Flash this with whatever flash tool you wish.

----------- Prototype NAND Image Editor -----------
Click "RGLoader" button in the launcher, or run rgbuild.exe /ui to open the rgbuild UI, which is a prototype NAND image editor similar to 360 flash tool.
The GUI is still very beta, but should be very functional now. Please reports bugs to #rgloader @ EFNet!

________/ / \ \_____________
/ - | Features | - \

===================Custom Boot Animations=======================
Set 'Boot_Animation_Path = \SystemRoot\RGL_bootanim.xex' in rgloader.ini on your hard drive root, and place a bootanimation wmv on the hard drive root
named bootanim.wmv and it will play this movie file when the xbox boots.

The only way we were able to load wmvs was by waiting for the kernel to fully load before running the boot animation. This doesn't make a lot of sense, and does increase the boot time
by a few seconds so we are working on a way of replacing the normal one. If you do not like this delay, feel free to switch back to the regular animation by:
-Delete 'Boot_Animation_Path' from rgloader.ini on the hard drive root.
-Set 'disable_bootanim = 0' in options.ini, and rebuild/flash your nand image.

=========================Corona RGH=============================
RGLoader has been updated to work with 16MB corona motherboards.

=================Retail Profile Encryption======================
This enables use of retail/live profiles on the RGLoader devkit kernel. The devkit kernel handles profiles differently from retail so there is a chance it will
corrupt your profile. This mostly effects live profiles. Do not enable this if you have live profiles on your hard drive! Backup your CONTENT folder first if you
want to experiment Wink

NOTE: This is a beta feature and the bugs will be fixed soon.

Set Retail_Profile_Encryption = 1 under [Expansion] in rgloader.ini

======================JTAG Support==============================
When building a jtag image, you must supply an already jtagged NAND. This way any customizations
to your SMC will be kept and also if your crc does not match it will not matter. (this will not be neccesary in final release)
NOTE: When an already patched SMC is supplied, the builder will say (unable to patch). Just ignore this.


================Flexible Systemroot Patches=====================
(hard drive free installs!)

We have added a new feature to replace the E90 error that gets thrown when the hard drive is missing or files have been misnamed.
If any errors occur during its attempt to remap systemroot to the hard drive (wrong folder name, hdd unplugged, etc..) it will boot into
minimal NAND only mode where the devkit launcher dashboard will still boot.

This means that a hard drive is not neccesary to run RGLoader! This also means that you can just flash the image on and use minimal mode to copy
and setup the hard drive files for the full installation using xbox neighborhood.

It is not recommended to use the minimal mode, but it does work.

=====================DUMMY KV Generation========================
To protect you from getting your keyvaults banned, we have added an option to options.ini for creating a
temporary dummy KV. This sometimes introduces a lag when going to the dashboard and some xex caused by the
xbox live connection timeout. If this annoys you, just disable it in options.ini and we will get it fixed soon.

---Things to come---

________/ / \ \___________
RGLoader Runtime Patcher | - \

Adds extra patches for xam or any other exe/dll in memory. Gives more runtime access and control on patches. Loads rgloader.ini from the
hard drive root and also flash drive root.

Block_Live_Dns = Blocks xbox live DNS so you can't "phone home"
Map_USB_Mass = Makes all usb devices show up in xbox neighborhood
Default_Dashboard = Sets the default dashboard
No_Sign_Notice = Disables xbox live signin error notice
Redirect_Xshell_Start_But = Redirects the xshell start button dashboard launch
HUD_Jump_To_XShell = Replaces family settings button in HUD with "Launch XShell"
Retail_Profile_Encryption = Enables retail profiles on devkit kernel (BETA)
*WARNING: This may corrupt live profiles! Do not enable this patch if you have profiles you want to keep clean!

Configure and place rgloader.ini onto the root of your hard drive (Partition 1), or usb thumb drive.

_______ ________________ _______
// \_______\ /_______/ \\
\_____________________|- Known Bugs -|________________________/

-Occasionally slims/trinitys will freeze or reboot on the first boot attempt after a reflash.
This usually only happens the first time, if ever.

-Slims require fcrt for retail dvds to run.

-RGLoader.xex retail profile encryption patch may corrupt live profiles! Do not enable this patch if you have profiles you want to keep clean!

_______ _______________ _______
// \_______\ /_______/ \\
\_____________________|- Changelog -|_________________________/

-Fixed missing jtag patches

-Added 16202
-RGLoader.xex now dynamically targets 14719/15574/or 16202 (16197 may be incomplete)
-Drag and drop load on rgbuild gui
-Reserve space for payloads in FS area(fixes bootanim overwrite by patches)
-RGBuild will now accept any kernel version as valid

-Fixed bad block issue (may fix e79 errors for many people)
-Fixed RGH1 on 15574
-Fixed controller desyncing issues in 15574
-Fixed ROL animation during bootanim
-Added launch xshell to HUD
-Fixed xshell hooking
-Fixed persistent patches
-Fixed boot animation path in ini

-Xshell start button redirection
-Retail profile encryption support (thanks Dwack!)
-binary patch loader
-Added system extended partitions to xbox neighborhood
-Xbox live signin notice toggling
-Added corona support
-Updated to 15574 kernel
-Added minimal mode indicator on screen
-Fixed slim/rgh minimal mode
-Added custom boot animations

-Fixed falcon rgh1 issue in 0v290
-Added kernel side patch loader
-Added INI: hdd1:\RGLoader.ini
-Block live dns option
-Add USB drives to xbox neighborhood (thanks Natelx!)
-Assign default dashboard
-Fixed dummy KV induced sign on lag
-MUCH Faster boot speeds (by 4-5 seconds! 9.5 second jtag load)

-Fixed RGH2
-Added flexible systemroot patches! (no hdd needed!)
-Added xell to jtag images
-Fixed ini problems
-Slightly faster phat boot times

-Fixed slim CBB pairing data issue
-Added dynamic patches, check out options.ini [Patches]
-Prettied up patch code (thanks for macros.S cOz!)
-New GUI Update via m0j0j0_j0
-Systemroot patches are now optional (dynamic)
-Added custom error code e90! (hdd filesystem failure)
-Fixed HDMI jtags
-Added RGH2 support! (thanks Team Xecuter)

-Added better error handling on patch compiling
-MUCH faster compile times
-Added GUI launcher Big Grin (thanks m0j0j0_j0!)
-GUI Launcher settings save to options.ini
-Xenon jtag 14719 fixed

-Fixed 14719 dash issue
-Fixed 14719 retail xex issue
-Fixed KV editing in GUI
-Added dummy KV generating (thanks cOz!)
-Added option to generate KV in options.ini
-Patched xbdm to always be dev, instead of xbdm.ini (thanks Natelx!)

-Integrated bat files into rgbuild.exe
-Fixed jasper issue
-Added options.ini
-Lots of changes to builder, mostly internal
-Missing filesystem files will now be ignored (dae, fcrt, etc..)
-Changed selection menu
-Auto detects console using smc (thanks cOz!)
-Fixed CF/CG bug (can now use them in GUI)
-Support for JTAG images Big Grin
-Changed selection menu layout
-Builder now ignores missing filesystem files instead of locking up
-Added 14719
-Support for trinity 14719 source images
-Updated xell binary to v0.991
-Added icons to builder (thanks m0j0j0_j0!)
-Fixed xell binary size issue
-Added option for compiling phat CD to options.ini
-Fixed issue with KV editing not saving

-Added KV editing to the GUI
-Xell dual boot (xell-gggggg.bin)
-Bad block support
-Added font files to nand image to fix fsd (thanks cOz)
-No need to run image through nandpro anymore
-More error handling, builder doesn't say successful build every time

-Added 14699 patches
-Moved files location on hdd
-Slims show up as dev kit on 14699 without xbdm.ini or modded xbdm.xex
-Retail disc support on slims
-Added neededfiles.txt to the folders

_______ _______________ _______
// \_______\ /_______/ \\
\_____________________|- GREETINGS -|_________________________/

RGLoader was started from the foundations left by others.
We hold no claim to researching everything used in rgloader.
It's thanks to the work of the amazing people below that we got anywhere:

tmbinc, almost every 360 tool owes you for your initial work. although
we may be -FAR- away from your intended goals, we'd still like to thank
you for your amazing work and the example you set for a good reverse engineerer.

The 360 Flash Tool team, thanks for your amazing tool which has
helped many people, many times over. My only gripe is that it's
not open, maybe one day.

GliGli, Tiros, and co., I'm sure anybody with a glitched console should
know the work you all put in. I hope recent releases won't deter you
from continuing to contribute to the scene with your work.

Tuxuser, Cancerous, sk1080, and Juvenal for their work on open source, legal homebrew.

Big thanks to cOz for tips and hints and for the work he has contributed
to the scene.

jsjar for graphics and dash skin.

m0j0j0_j0 for RGLauncher skin and icons.

Razkar for the news on Homebrew-Connection.org and the release videos

Thanks to Tortuga Cove for providing news updates and hosting services.

Thanks to team-xecuter & xconsoles for donating a xenon jtag! RGLoader JTAG would not exist without this.

GliGli, Tiros, cOz, and co.
Freeboot/ggbuild/xebuild team

#RGLoader-dev Group



Testers/Helpers/Donators/#RGLoader regulars


(many more to add)


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