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QuickBoot 1.2

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QuickBoot allows you to build "short cut" LIVE containers that will allow you  to launch applications directly from NXE.
The three main advantages of this are:            

  • Saves time by loading the application directly, rather than having to use  XexLoader to browse the file tree and find the executable.
  • Bypasses the 4GB size limit on live containers as you're not actually storing  the application data in the live container, merely making a shortcut to it.
  • Allows you to load applications off of external hard drives etc. straight from  NXE.

+Added AutoBuild option to scan specified directory and automatically build QuickBoot containers. This is intended to be used with games and games are expected to be stored on either USB:\Games or HDD:\Games.

                                 Install Notes

Manual Build:

1: Extract the rar contents to a location on your computer and run 
2: Enter in the name and description of the game or application you would like 
to launch
3: Enter in the path to the xex file relative to your Xbox; supported paths are 
hdd, usb and dvd.
    usb:\xexloader\default.xex (Please note this will check ALL usb drives)
4: Click on the image to add your own, it must be 16KB or less and exactly 64x64 
pixels. You can leave the image as default if you wish.
5: Select Xbox 360 Game to have it show under Xbox 360 Games in NXE, or Game
Demo to have it show under Game Demos.
6: Click build, choose a save location, you may call the file whatever you like, 
as long as it doesn't have any special characters.
7: Copy the file to the directory specified in the status bar.
8: You can now launch the app directly from NXE, it will be listed Xbox 360 
Games or Game Demos depending on what you selected in step 5.

Auto Build:

This is most useful if your games are installed on a USB hard drive, you can 
plug the USB hard drive in to your PC and do the following (Of course it also
works with games installed on an internal HDD but you would need to use Xport
or similar to copy the games locally to your PC to auto build the containers):

1: Tick either USB:\ or HDD:\ to indicate that your games are installed in
USB:\Games or HDD:\Games
2: Click AutoBuild and select the local directory where the games can be found
3: Be patient as QuickBoot scans for .xex files and builds containers for them.
4: Copy Localdrive:\Contents to XBox 360 HDD:\Contents

                                Special Thanks

Credit goes to DosKir for the addition of the AutoBuild feature, thanks a lot
Huge thanks to DJ Shepherd for X360.dll

by XeDev.

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