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WEHK Option File (PES 2019 PS4) 0.1

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  • All 42 competition logos
  • All club emblems
  • Kits for ALL NATIONAL TEAMS in game
  • Kits for English Premier Division, Juventus and La Liga (i.e. Kits for Championship will come later)
  • Banner, manager photo, stadium settings and shirt-name fix for Kitchee SC (AFC Champions League club)


The export data has used kits from the following makers:

  • 4N63L_77 [https://twitter.com/4N63L_77]
  • Albiore [https://twitter.com/NikoAlbiore]
  • Angeltorero [https://twitter.com/angeltorero2] ^
  • ggdaris [https://www.pesgaming.com]
  • Hawke [https://www.evo-web.co.uk]
  • jason_y [https://www.facebook/com/pesjasony]
  • Lucas RK [https://www.facebook.com/KitmakerLucasRK/]
  • Victor Jara [https://twitter.com/vjarap]
  • QFABIVSMAXIMO [https://twitter.com/QFABIVSMAX_Kits]

Inlcuding PES2017-converted kits from the following kit makers:

  • klashman [https://twitter.com/klashman69]
  • NemanjaBRE [https://twitter.com/PESKitmaker]
  • MENTION=45671]Fer[/MENTION]choPuyol (PES NOS UNE) [https://twitter.com/FerchoPuyol]
  • [https://txak-pes.blogspot.com.es]

Special thanks to the PES Kit Creator from PES Master [http://www.pesmaster.com/pes-2018/kit-creator/].

  • WEHK Team
  • kelvinchan327
  • jason_y
  • Mushroom
  • SiuMing
  • ... and some others

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