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EZ4 Firmware 2.03

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For the 2.0 kernels we implement the on-cart patch engine, it means the desktop version of EZ4Client was no longer needed. just copy the clean rom to the sd card and run it directly. the kernel will patch rom automatically.

2.02 brings soft reset and sleep (called global soft reset and sleep aka GSS) back.

EZ4Client is no longer needed after EZ4 Kernel 2.00


  1. Download the newest firmware and extract it to the root folder of SD card.
  2. Power up GBA/NDS with R key pressed, the card will go to the firmware upgrade procedure automatically.
  3. The new kernel will boot after the upgrade finished, please check the version on the top right corner of the desktop.
  4. You can delete the ezfla_up.bin safely.


Choose the third icon on the desktop. the first option is language setting. you can select between Chinese and English. The second option is deprecated.


Choose the first icon on the desktop, go to the EZDISK folder, the gamesgame on the SD card will be listed there. there are TWO mode for different game and circumstances.


This mode is working with game size <= 16Mb, though it loads fast but it needs loading time every time.

In the game browser, just press A key will launch the game in PSRAM MODE.


This mode is working with all sizes of game, it needs longer time to write the game to the NORFLASH, but it launches game like a flash every time. You can write multiple games in the NORFLASH with total size no more than 32Mb. For example: 4 x 8Mbit, 2 x 16Mbits, 1 x 16Mbit + 2 x 8Mbit.... PLEASE DO NOT USE TRIMMED GAME IN NORFLASH MODE!!

In the game browser, press SELECT key will popup a windows to let you confirm the NORFLASH MODE, A to YES, B to NO. The game wrote to the NORFLASH will be listed beside EZDISK folder. press A to launch it.


EZ-FLASH IV uses a SRAM chip to keep the game save data, the kernel will backup the save data every time when the kernel boot up, the backup procedure can be skiped by press L key when kernel booting up. The game saves are stored in a folder named SAVE on the SD card. Backup the folder to computer frequently is strongly recommended.

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