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This exe is a win32 app that will put a Hitachi in Mode-B by sending cdb E7 H I T 30 90 90 D0 01 

Be warned: This win32 program does not use the windows API. The exe writes directly to the ATA controller's I/O ports (which requires Geek Hideout's I/O dll, which I have included in the rarr). It also requires that you be using an ATA - SATA adapter to connect your 360 drive to your PC, or an SATA controller that has a legacy mode (try the BIOS setup options on your controller).



Put Hitachi 360 drive in Mode-B, so it can be seen in windows

usage: Mode-B command_base 
command_base: base register of ATA command block in hex (e.g. 1F0 or 170)
legacy mode sata: command base = i/o from msinfo32

Command base register is the port you would generally get from iPrep for Samsung and Benq.

I replaced the "if" statement with a "while" statement when the sending the cdb..... if the statement fails it returns 1 but bow prints a "." rather than an error or timeout message...

power off the hitachi
    Mode-B 1cc0
power on the hitachi

dots should stop and say "done!"

Drive should show up in windows...
You can test mode-b with the eject trick, 2 presses to open etc.... 

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