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CD/DVD-ROM Generator 2.0

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The CD/DVD-ROM Generator version 2.00 supports the following CD-R/DVD-R/DVD-ROM drives.

  CD-R Writer

  •     SONY      CDU921S
  •     SONY      CDU921S mk2
  •     SONY      CDU921S-PR
  •     PLEXTOR   Plex Master
  •     Hoei Sangyo  DSR-8000pm (DPM88 required)
  •     Hoei Sangyo  DSR-8000cs (DPM88 required)

  DVD-R Writer

  •     PIONEER   DVR-S201
  •     Hoei Sangyo  DSR-8000dp (DPM88 required)

  DVD-R/RW Writer

  •     PIONEER   DVR-S303
  •     PIONEER   DVR-104
  •     PIONEER   DVR-105
  •     PIONEER   DVR-107D
  •     Hoei Sangyo  DSR-4000dp-5 (PIONEER DVR-A04 mounted) (DPM88 required)
  •     Hoei Sangyo  DSR-4000dp-10 (PIONEER DVR-A04 mounted) (DPM88 required)
  •     Hoei Sangyo  DSR-4000dp-5 (PIONEER DVR-A05 mounted) (DPM88 required)
  •     Hoei Sangyo  DSR-4000dp-10 (PIONEER DVR-A05 mounted) (DPM88 required)

 DVD-ROM Drive (for DVD-R verification)

  •     MATSUSHITA  SR-8583
  •     MATSUSHITA  SR-8584A
  •     TOSHIBA   SD-M1202
  •     TOSHIBA   SD-M1212
  •     PIONEER   DVD-113
  •     PIONEER   DVD-303
  •     SONY      DDU220E

<< Installation >>

Run setup.exe on Windows 2000 or Windows XP and follow the instructions displayed on the screen. For details, refer to the Help File.

<< Major Changes in CD/DVD-ROM Generator version 2.00 >>

  • The following drive is now supported:  PIONEER DVR-107D (8x write speed) (firmware version 1.12 and later)
  • Generation of master discs targeting mainland China is now supported.
  • A function for adding 20MB of NULL data to the outermost part of the   disc when creating DVD-ROM master discs has been added.  The default  is ON.  To change the settings, open "Add Dummy..." of the Options menu.
  •   Note that due to the addition of this function, the format of the   *.ccz file has changed.  *.ccz files that were created with previous  versions cannot be read.
  • DVD-ROM master discs can now be written and verified "on the fly".
  • There is now no limit on the speed when writing and verifying CD-ROM  master discs "on the fly".

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