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Xbox HD Maker (xboxhdm) 1.9

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This explains howto build a burnable iso from this distribution.

For information on howto use the xbox HD builder script read the readme.txt in the linux directory.

The xbox HD builder script (xboxhd) needs the xbox C-, and E-drive files. 

You can supply the script with these files in two ways. You can either :

  • - burn a seperate CDROM with two folders containing the xbox C-, and E-drive respectively, or
  • - Put the xbox C- and E-drive files in the C and E folders in linux directory before making the burnable iso.

In windows upon a 'Command prompt' and navigate to this directory.
Run the following command :
> make-iso-win.bat

In linux navigate to this directory and execute :
> make-iso-lin.sh

This should produce a file called linux.iso that you must now burn  to blank CDROM. It's important that you burn this raw image and don't create a Data CDROM containing this image...

If you need to lock or unlock xbox HD's use also have two options :

1) Boot the CDROM an choose option 3) at the boot prompt. This will     bring you to a DOS prompt with the unlockx, hdlock, hdunlock, hddisabl  utilities. However as the CDROM is read-only on log files can be saved  so you will be prompted the used passwd when a HD is locked. Write this down in case the passwd later turns out to be incorrect. You can also insert a fat-formatted floppy and run the save-logs command to save the used passwd's   onto floppy
2) If you have a floppy-drive you can create a DOS-floppy with all nessecary HD tools by running the make-DOS-floppy.bat script in a command-prompt.  Running the HD lock/unlock tools from a floppy the log-files with used  passwd's will automatically be saved.

Good luck - and remember to read the readme.txt before using this tool! ldots.

Que novedades incluye la versión 1.9   See changelog


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