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AutoBleem 0.6.0 beta 1

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AutoBleem is a tool to make your PlayStation Classic more usefull. It is relatively safe way to add games , change look and feel, change advanced configuration of your mini console.


  • Overmounts portions of the PSC's filesystem to safely allow PCS modifications
  • Modifies the stock UI to show added games
  • Uses GAME NAMES as folders instead of numbered folders
  • Supports multi-disc games
  • Includes offline metadata and cover art databases - no download needed during sync
  • Runs on boot of the PlayStation Classic as it was designed to do so from the beginning
  • Intelligent algorithm is trying to "fix" missing files like .cue, unpack .ecm
  • Nice GUI that replaces need for BootMenu
  • Small footprint on USB drive as no .NET Core runtime needed
  • As written in native language for PlayStation Classic it is fast
  • Work with no issue with multitrack games (I had no problem with it)
  • Supports CUE/BIN and Not encrypted PBP (popstation created - PSN downloads will not work) file formats
  • Replaces BootMenu and Bleemsync..intergates with RetroArch sotware no need to run anything on the PC
  • Supports themes of both AutoBleem and Sony menu
  • configurable filter settings
  • Supports multi disc games
  • Makes your PlayStation Classic a great device


  • Download the ZIP
  • Extract the contents to the root of your FAT32(recommended) or ext4 formatted USB flash drive
  • Name your flash drive SONY. This is a requirement.
  • Download Cover Repository databases (three separate files for NTSC-U, PAL and NTSC-J)
  • Copy Cover Repository databases into /{Your USB}/cbleemsync
  • You may want to install RetroArch (the folder is empty) - find it on ModMyClassic website - I do not distribute this software.
  • You may want to install additional themes ... find them on reddit and copy to themes folder (follow folder structure)

by screemerpl.

Que novedades incluye la versión 0.6.0 beta 1


  • - New default themes by Kevzombie
  • - We reverted back to Flat covers for a moment as ... they matches internal games covers and look better in EvolutionUI
  • - EvolutionUI .. totally rewritten game selector based on original PSC GUI but not limited as the original
  • (Use triangle to see description of button usage in EvolutionUI)
  • - EvolutionUI should handle more than 450 games
  • - Four selectable resume point slots instead one as in SonyUI (similar as in SNES gui)
  • - New options to select widescreen (16:9) or 4:3 screen (as some people just hates black bars)
  • - New optimised build of PSCX by AutoBleem Team with fixes for billinear filter, resume points ( the option to select PCSX build is removed - AutoBleem will not use PSCX build from console any more)
  • - New option in PSCX menu to toggle GFX filter when in game
  • - New option to safely POWER OFF CONSOLE using L2+R2 buttons .. this should be the way to power off... Power button on the console works in a bit unexpected way - try not to use it
  • - Stability upgrades
  • - All sounds from console now work in AutoBleem and EvolutionUI
  • - New translations - Slovak, Spanish, Turkish - some of them are not complete until final 0.6.0
  • - EvolutionUI plays BGM (as requested by people in Reddit) and still uses same Themes as original SonyUI
  • - RetroArch crash or quit goes back to AutoBleem now
  • - Scanning engine now can create folders for games dropped into "Games" folder (this is experimental and may not work for all games)
  • - All internal and USB games are now visible in EvolutionUI
  • - Added configurable timeout for QuickBoot