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BrowseNX 0.4.0

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Launches the Internet Browser applet within a NSP.


  • p-sam - Supernag fix via sysmodule included in each release swtich-sys-tweak AND wifiwebauthapplet fallback not yet used in a libnx release.
  • XorTroll - Working out the browser applet arguments and for the nsp structure/build method.
  • The-4n - Making legal NSP packing easy.
  • Switchbrew - NPDMTool

by crc-32.

Que novedades incluye la versión 0.4.0


  • Added support for 9.0.0 officially via building for latest libnx
  • Now using libnx implementation of web applet
  • Launching from an applet never worked and no longer needs to, so now errors and informs you how you can launch from a title
  • Updated switch-sys-tweak sysmodule to latest master build (still only used to remove supernag)

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