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vgedit 2.0.1

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vgedit is a Video Game text Editor for the Switch. It has basic file browsing functionality (SD card only) and allows text files to be edited directly using either the touch screen or a controller.

Pressing Plus will save the file, Minus will close it. Hitting A brings up the keyboard and B will be either delete or backspace depending on which mode you are in (when keyboard is up (insert mode), it's backspace, in the overview mode it's delete


  • Open, edit, and save files on SD
  • Touch screen controls for quickly viewing documents
  • Select multiple characters with L/R
  • Basic copy and paste support

Future work:

  • Add hex editor
  • Allow file/folder creation
  • better support for files with large lines
  • better support for very large files
  • vertical text selection
  • undo/redo system





Que novedades incluye la versión 2.0.1


  • Small bugfix to not move the cursor while holding a directional button with the on-screen keyboard up.

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