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I am developing an open source library for reading and writing PS4 PKG files. This project's goal is to eliminate the need to use proprietary SDK tools. Without a proper open PKG tool, the PS4 homebrew scene cannot flourish.

All code in this repository is licensed under the GNU LGPL version 3, which can be found in LICENSE.txt.

Note - Incomplete!

This is still unfinished software and can only create valid AC (DLC) PKGs.



PkgEditor is a GUI tool with which you can edit GP4 projects, and build PKG and PFS archives. Click File -> Open GP4..., then click Build PKG to create a PKG.


The tool also supports opening PKGs directly. You can see the header, entries, and if the package is a fake PKG or you enter a passcode, you can browse files as well.

PKG Screenshot


PkgTool.exe <verb> <input> <output>

  makepfs <input_project.gp4> <output_pfs.dat>
  makeouterpfs [--encrypt] <input_project.gp4> <output_pfs.dat>
  makepkg <input_project.gp4> <output_directory>
  extractpkg <input.pkg> <passcode> <output_directory>
  extractinnerpfs <input.pkg> <passcode> <output_pfs.dat>
  extractouterpfs_e <input.pkg> <output_pfs_encrypted.dat>
  extractouterpfs <input.pkg> <passcode> <pfs_image.dat>
  listentries <input.pkg>
  extractentry <input.pkg> <entry_id> <output.bin>

Use passcode "fake" to decrypt a FAKE PKG without knowing the actual passcode.


Everyone who helped, either directly or indirectly, but especially the following:

  • flatz

by Maxton.

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