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Fusée Gelée

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The Fusée Launcher is a proof-of-concept arbitrary code loader for a variety of Tegra processors, which takes advantage of CVE-2018-6242 ("Fusée Gelée") to gain arbitrary code execution and load small payloads over USB.

The vulnerability is documented in the 'report' subfolder; more details and guides are to follow! Stay tuned...

Use Instructions

The main launcher is "fusee-launcher.py". Windows, Linux, macOS and FreeBSD are all natively supported! Instructions for Windows specifically can be found on the wiki.

With a Tegra device in RCM and connected via USB, invoke the launcher with the desired payload as an argument, e.g. ./fusee-launcher.py payload.bin. Linux systems currently require either that the Tegra device be connected to an XHCI controller (used with blue USB 3 ports) or that the user has patched their EHCI driver.


Fusée Gelée (CVE-2018-6242) was discovered and implemented by Kate Temkin (@ktemkin); its launcher is developed and maintained by Mikaela Szekely (@Qyriad) and Kate Temkin (@ktemkin).

Credit goes to:

  • Qyriad -- maintainership and expansion of the code
  • SciresM, motezazer -- guidance and support
  • hedgeberg, andeor -- dumping the Jetson bootROM
  • TuxSH -- help with a first pass of bootROM RE
  • the ReSwitched team

Love / greetings to:

  • Levi / lasersquid
  • Aurora Wright
  • f916253
  • MassExplosion213

CVE-2018-6242 was also independently discovered by fail0verflow member shuffle2 as the "shofEL2" vulnerability-- so that's awesome, too.

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