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Switch Firmware Dumper 0.5

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The tool is quite simple: rather then having to depend on outside sources for firmware NCA's you can now dump them yourself in a targeted efficient manner directly on your switch.. I wanted to cut out the middle man. A means to a end, a tool designed specifically for firmware dumps.

No longer are you forced to dump your entire nand to get your hands on the latest firmware, this was a huge waste of time.. or have to patiently wait for the files to become available online, which again is another waste of time - expect delays!

What you do with the files is entirely up to you, development purposes? downgrade snapshots? latest firmware upgrade? Analysis? etc..

Dumping process does take a while, but much less time than a full NAND backup that's for sure! Once the dump is complete, simply open ChoiDuJourNX and target the dumped firmware directory to install.. simple, easy & efficient.



Que novedades incluye la versión 0.5


  • Fixed a potential memory leak.
  • Clean up after firmware dump cancellation.

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