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LibFB is a set of routines that display wordwrapped variable width fonts using the DS extended rotation buffer mode on both screens. Features include clipped and wordwrapped fonts, automatic cursor display, normal and compressed custom software sprites, and several functions for customizing said functions.

The text rendering engine is strong enough to base an rtf or html editor off of it, and can be rendered to an arbitrary buffer as well as to both screens in a managed mode. This library also does not need c++.

- 11/20/2007 - Added orientation feature to both screens. Fixed some minor bugs.

- 9/25/2007 - Added select feature, fixed a cursor bug, some minor speed improvements.

- 4/27/2007 - Many optimizations to the sprite and text engine resulting in much faster code.

- 1/13/2007 - Fixed the last wordwrapping bug in the text rendering engine and optimized it a bit. Also, separated the code so features not used will not be compiled in for smaller executables. Also, the font tool has been updated to support new characters, and a new fixed width font has been included in the fonts collection. The libfb.h file now includes documentation on the libFB API for any wondering exactly how to use it.

- 9/16/2006 - Changed the font functions to support any character from 32-254 on the ascii chart (255 is reserved, anything under 32 is too). Also deleted the setOldFont routine as it was horrible. Also, updated the toolsets.

- 8/07/2006 - Changed some functions so that you can pass a font directly instead of setting the font first, added in setOldFont, a few general improvements and such. All fonts included in the font rar are also properly compressed so as to save you space in your executable.

- 6/21/2006 - I've forgotten what all I've added and improved in this version, but it includes support for bold, underline and italics. Also, fixes a few small bugs I've found, and improves cursor management.

- 2/23/2006 - A few new functions available, vast improvement to font rendering engine that takes care of some wordwrapping issues, adds in managed cursors, and adds in ability to display umlats and accented characters to some extent. Also fixes random crash bugs due to undisplayable characters. New dsfont.exe as well to generate the extended fonts. Check it out as it is a vastly improved version.

- 1/29/2006 - I added in several cursor functions and the ability to change the font on the fly. Also in this release is a font creation utility to aide you in getting your favorite fonts in your program. Also refined some functions and added a hollow rectangle drawing function.

- 1/15/2006 - A few new things in this update. First, I consolidated a few functions that did not need to have duplicates, such as character width, height, etc... Also, I added functions that allow you to supply a raw buffer and use the sprite and wrapped text functions on your own 15bit color backgrounds. I have also added the ability to draw text or sprites inverted.

-10/13/2005 - I've been sitting on this update for awhile, but I decided to release it, seeing as the DS Text editor requires it to run properly. This release includes built in display for pallated sprites. This allows you to save space by compressing your sprites to achieve up to around 80% savings. Also, I've finally made my tools for converting sprites available online.

- 8/25/2005 - MAJOR improvements to libfb including hardware fix for the clear rpg boxes. This is now a quite usable library and you are all encouraged to make use of it in your homebrew programs.

- 8/12/2005 - Updated to show off multiple screen capabilities.

- 8/07/2005 - Updated arm9.c to not include the framebuffer library and created the necissary library files to link to libfb.

- 8/05/2005 - Updated make process to run with new r15 of devkitpro and new libnds. Also runs with just standard make command now.

- 8/04/2005 - Updated sources with a dispChar function, and a few more graphics for the font.

- 8/02/2005 - First release posted.

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