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Use this Editor to hack your Gamerscore and other things in your Xbox 360 Profil.
Use this at your own risk! 


frmMDI + frmMain: Statistics
-requires PHP Script
-dropped till new Server
frmMDI: Settings
pnlEntries: Delete / Replace / Create Entry-Types
-Will take a while ...
pnlGameEdit: Finally finish Halo 3
-Terminals missing
pnlGameEdit: Research ODST
-Various InGame Settings
pnlGameEdit: Finally finish Castle Crashers
-"Pet" for Selected-Character
-Pets / Weapons overall unlocked
FATX-Stuff: Create its own Process
-So that can always be run as Admin
-Might require a lot of work to build a bridge between exPE and this ...
GamerPicture thingy
Universal: Recode some parts
-"some" ... he ... hehe ...
-Make sure its Thread-Safe
frmFatX: Profile-check
-Requires a check if the Profile is allready open

Known Bugs:
[frmMain] Canceling Threads
-Might still occur, cant really catch this
[Universal] Might show wrong GS amount

Release Checklist:
-Does it load a Profile ?
-Does it close a Profile ?
--Reopen Profile
-Does it save a Profile ?
--Reopen and check if everything is right
-Does it unlock Achievements right ?
--exAchImg downloaded ?
--Save Profile
-Does it apply exGPD´s ?
-Does using exGA work ?
-Does loading from FATX work ?

-Did you hide everything thats not meant to be public
--AVATAR AWARDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111
-Version Number correct ?
--Is it ?
---Seriously ?
----Dont fuck it up again, fag
-----You know what happened last time, 0x120937340491863102 people messaged you about it

-Redo checklist when app is secured!


- Public Beta Release

[CLKsFATXLib] CHANGED: New Version (iDunno about the Version number, he didnt change it)
[Universal] FIXED: Can now be completely used offline
[FileFormats/exGPD] FIXED: "Anonimize" wouldve been skipped
-WTF I didnt code that ...
[frmMain] CHANGED: The way to handle FATX Profiles
[frmMain] ADDED: Baby-Security for "Unlock All"

- Public Beta release

[Universal] ADDED: Memory will be cleared every few mins
[pnlAchievements] ADDED: Will check when Loading the Achievements if all Images are present
-DROPPED DUE TO WEIRD BUG - Prompt will show up and ask if user wants to download all pictures
-There will be a setting to change that ... later
[frmFatX] CHANGED: Will now load all Profiles from all Devices on startup
-There will be a setting to change that ... later
[frmMDI] CHANGED: Only 1 frmFatX can be opened
[frmMDI] FIXED: Would report that a file is in use, if it doesnt exist anymore
[pnlRecentFiles] CHANGED: Will now delete Entrys of "Not found" Profiles
[GamerProfile] FIXED: Will always check if DashGPD is opened
[pnlProfile] CHANGED: Crown-Event isnt buffered anymore
[pnlGame] FIXED: "LoadGPD" function
[frmFatX] ADDED: Double-Clicking an Profile will open it
[gePlantsVsZombies] ADDED
[GameEdit/PlantsVsZombies] ADDED
[Updater] ADDED: "updpath"

- Public Beta release

[PEC] FIXED: Will now Delete Mount-Folder
-Would insert the Folder into the STFS-Package :-x
[pnlGame] REMOVED: Everything related to AvatarAwards
-Need to recode that part
-Replaced the old DLL
[geRedFactionGuerilla] ADDED
[GameEdit/RedFactionGuerilla] ADDED
[geDoritosCrashCourse] ADDED

- Public Beta release

[GamerProfile] CHANGED: Better Caching
[pnlExGpd_Read] CHANGED: Faster now
[pnlExGpd_Read] FIXED: Would end up in an Infinite Loop
[pnlGame] CHANGED: From ServerSide-encrypted exAchImg to File-encrypted
[GameEdit/DoritosCrashCourse] ADDED
[GameEdit/Halo3] FIXED: Values set wrong
-No panic, nothing corrupted or anythiny like that
[geHalo3] CHANGED: Small GUI changes
[frmMDI] CHANGED: "Begin / EndUpdate" Function
[frmXblHack] CHANGED: Will now create a GPD
[frmXblHack] CHANGED: Will check if TitleName & ID is not Empty
[frmXblHack] CHANGED: Max / Min-Size for TitleName & ID
[frmMain] CHANGED: "Xbl Hack" will now check if the Game allready exists
[frmMain] FIXED: Will now check the Game-Type while "Unlock All"
[frmMDI] CHANGED: Some GUI related stuff

- Public Beta release

[GameEdit/CoD6] ADDED
[X360DLL/STFS] CHANGED: KV.bin can now be your own
-Just place your KV in the root directory of the App and name it "kv.bin"
[Helpers/regEdit] CHANGED: Registry-Path
[Helpers/regEdit] CHANGED: Some more Stats
[frmFatX] ADDED: Right-Click Menu
[pnlEntries] CHANGED: Will always sort the Tree
[pnlEntries] REMOVED: XDBF-Entries
[pnlGame] CHANGED: Will load pnlEntries for AvatarAwards
[frmMDI] FIXED: Will now force to download new Version
[pnlAchievements] FIXED: Would even Download Images when Locked
[frmMain] CHANGED: Will report every game while "Unlock All"
[frmMdi] ADDED: Server-Side control for exGA & exAchImg
[Helpers/Updater] ADDED: Own class for Updater stuff
[FileFormats/*all*] CHANGED: More Dynamic
[FileFormats/exAchImg] ADDED
[pnlGamerpic] ADDED

- Public Beta release

[pnlGame] ADDED: Logging for AchImg Downloader
[X360DLL/STFS] CHANGED: MetaData related
[pnlAchievements] CHANGED: Will lock everything down while downloading
[pnlAchievements] ADDED: AchImg Download Security
-So people cant use our Server for the Images ;-)
[Universal] CHANGED: Beta-Stuff
[pnlProfile] CHANGED: Error-Handling on Image load
[GamerProfile] FIXED: Would go "blaw" on XBL-Hacked Games
[pnlGame] CHANGED: Read below
[frmMain] CHANGED: Can now load "XBL Hacked" Games
-Those Games which dont have a GPD
[GamerProfile] ADDED: PEC Error Handling

- Private Beta

[pnlAchievements] CHANGED: Error-Handling on AchImg Download
[pnlAchievements] CHANGED: Locking Achievement will remove AchImg
[pnlAchievements] ADDED: Thread to Download Achievement Images
[X360DLL/GamerProfile] FIXED: Memory Leak would cause DashGPD to be null
[X360DLL/GamerProfile] FIXED: Wont close PEC anymore if its null
-Would keep you from closing / saving when PEC-File wouldnt be available
[frmMain] FIXED: "Unlock All" will now set Sync
-Stupid me >.<

- Public Beta Release

[pnlAchievement] CHANGED: Updating Game is faster now
-Would take AGES (20sec) on a big Profile
[XDBF] CHANGED: Wont "save" when unlocking anymore
-Required for faster "Unlock All"
[frmMain] ADDED: Thread for "Unlock All"
[frmMain] FIXED: CheckGameAdder would cause exception if LoadPackage would be too slow
[pnlExGa] CHANGED: Faster loading
[pnlAchievement] CHANGED: Check if AchImg is null (for Right-Click AchImg)
[Universal] FIXED: Bugs caused by Base-changes
[pnlEntries] CHANGED: RightClick ContextMenu
-Only meant for testing, now fixed for stupid people :-)
[frmMDI] CHANGED: Some optimizations
-Just a little "freeze" at start now, no pop-up anymore (Interop ftw!)
[frmMDI] CHANGED: Wont check for Internet Connection anymore
-The forms do that on their own (In threads, ofcourse)
[pnlEntries] CHANGED: Panels are Pre-Loaded
[XDBF_AchievementEntry] CHANGED
[XDBF_AvatarAwardEntry] ADDED
[geHalo3] REMOVED: Header & Footer of all ComboBox
[pnlGame] REMOVED: Ability to edit Title-Name
[frmAchievement] ADDED: Form to Edit an Achievement
[frmSyncList] CHANGED: Not Sizable anymore
[STFS] CHANGED: Less Memory heavy
[STFS] CHANGED: Faster loading times
[GamerProfile] FIXED: Memory leak
[GamerProfile] CHANGED: Loading Games is more efficient
-Caching the Games, so we dont have to access the DashGPD all the time
[frmMain] FIXED: Wrong btnSave Enabled / Disabled
[frmMDI] FIXED: Will now create the exGA Directory after deleting (when new version is available)
[pnlExGa] ADDED: Thread for adding Games
[pnlExGa] CHANGED: Game-loading speed increased
[FileFormats/exGA] FIXED: Wouldnt clear the List
[pnlExGpd_Create] FIXED: Might be in a infinite loop when searching
[XDBF] FIXED: ImageEntry might be fucked up for some reason
-Only appeared after recovering, for me atleast

- Public Stable Release

[frmMain] FIXED: Closing Package Function didnt null everything
-Fixing something broke everything else
[geCastleCrashers] FIXED: Would save the Gold-value but not read
-Means it would always be "0" >.<
[GameEdit/CastleCrashers] FIXED: Wrong Gold-Location :-x

- Public Stable Release

[pnlOrderGames] ADDED: Form to Mass-Reorder Games
-You can also change the LastPlayed-Time ;-)
[frmMain] ADDED: Function to disable all Controls
-Instead of using "this.Enabled"
[pnlExGa] FIXED: Image would always be null
-Its AMA´s fault
[STFS] FIXED: Checking if something is valid thats null
- ... smart ...
[frmMain] CHANGED: Form cant be closed while Loading / Saving
-Just Temporary till some things are recoded
[FileFormats/AMA] FIXED: "Unlocked" & "Locked Description" were switched
-Not my fault, thats what I call a "Design flaw" ;-)
[pnlExGpd_Read] REMOVED: Unused code

- Public Stable Release

[XDBF] FIXED: Ghetto-Fix
[Universal] REMOVED: A lot of unused Classes

- Public Stable Release

[FileFormats/AMA] FIXED: Error-Handling missing
[frmSyncList] ADDED
-ReadOnly for now
[eiSyncList] ADDED
[pnlGame] ADDED: "Never" LastPlayed checkbox
-Is ReadOnly
[pnlGame] CHANGED: SetSync when changing "LastPlayed"
[frmMain] CHANGED: Save-Buttons recoded
[frmMain] FIXED: Saving is now Thread-safe
[pnlGame] CHANGED: "LastPlayed" can now be modified
[frmMain] ADDED: Games DragNDrop Reordering
-Still requires 360-testing, but should be fine
[Helpders/ListViewEx] CHANGED: Triangle now drawn on Upper-Left Corner of the Item instead of just 0
[frmMain] FIXED: Loading Code would still write to log when not allowed
[frmMain] FIXED: ProfileID wasnt assigned when saving to FATX
[Helpers/ListViewEx] ADDED: Red Line on DragNDrop
-Line will appear where the Item will be dragged to
[pnlEntries] CHANGED: Width will be set for every column
[pnlEntries] ADDED: "SyncList", "SyncData" and "XDBF-Entry"
-Not (yet) editable
[pnlRecentFiles] ADDED: MultiThreading
-Yap, its everywhere
[frmMain] ADDED: A little nice LoadingCircle Animation
-iDunno why, just looks nice
[frmMain] CHANGED: Dont mess with "Enabled" ...
[XDBF] ADDED: Moar Error-Handling
[Universal] FIXED: Some Error-Handling fixes

- Public Stable Release

[Universal] ADDED: More Error-Handling
[frmException] ADDED: For better User-Feedback
-Pfffff, if someone would ever report anything :-P
[frmMain] CHANGED: Some Logging-Stuff
-For pewtiful colors
[frmMain] ADDED: Saving-Thread
-Really tricky (thanks to FATX)
-Why didnt I add that before ?!
[pnlLoading] ADDED
[Helpers/LoadingCircle] ADDED: Schmexxy Control
[geHalo3] FIXED: Save-Button is now enabled
-Meant to be a few versions before... disabled by code >.<
[frmFatX] ADDED: Extract Error-Handling

- Public Beta Release

[frmFatX] FIXED: "Could not find a part of path" Exception
[frmFatX] REMOVED: Old, ugly code
[GamerProfile] FIXED: Most Mounting Errors fixed
[ClkFatx] CHANGED: Updated to latest Source
-With some Modifications applied
[frmAma_Convert] ADDED
[frmExGpd_Edit] FIXED: AppendLog string changed to "exGPD-Edit"
[FileFormats/AMA] ADDED: For converting
-No Encryption ... I designed that :-3
[frmAbout] ADDED: "Loaded Assemblys" List
-Required for testing
[frmMDI] CHANGED: Loading Code
[geHalo3] ADDED: "Max Skulls" Button
[Universal] CHANGED: DevExpress updated to 10.2.6
[frmMDI] ADDED: Startup Argument "-ImAnon"
-Will hide Gamertag + ProfileID
-Mainly for people who want to take pics without their Info (like mü)

- Public Beta Release

[frmMain] FIXED: MountPath is now a little Randomized
-Should fix Directory-Delete Errors
[Program] REMOVED: ScreenSize check
[pnlExGpd_Read] FIXED: Would raise an event everytime a file is loaded
-Does show up as freeze
[pnlExGpd_Read] CHANGED: "Open" MultiSelect enabled

- Public Beta Release

[frmMDI] CHANGED: Will now start Maximized
[Program] ADDED: Startup Argument "-IgnoreSize"
-Will remove the ScreenSize check
[frmMDI] CHANGED: Minimum Size set to 1018;734
[Program] CHANGED: Minimum Screensize is now "1018x734"

- Public Beta Release

[geHalo3] CHANGED: Reload Missions on "Max Missions"
[ribgrpOther] REMOVED: Wont be enabled anytime soon
-Thanks to obfuscation / encryption!
[pnlRecentFiles] ADDED: You can now remove a file from the list
[pnlRecentFiles] ADDED: Will show the last 5 opened files
-Excluding FATX Profile´s
[Program] ADDED: Check if ScreenSize is atleast "1299x922"
[frmMDI] CHANGED: MinimumSize set to "1299x922"
[Universal] ADDED: Several Right-Checks
[Universal] CHANGED: Doesnt require Admin-privileges anymore
-So you can Drag&Drop, but not use FATX
[pnlAchievements] CHANGED: Time-thing disabled when "Offline" or "Locked" is selected
-Changed that before. Now its propper
[pnlAchievements] CHANGED: Wont redraw while loading Achievements
-Why didnt I add that before...
[frmFatX_SelectDevice] ADDED: "Status" lable
[frmFatX_SelectDevice] CHANGED: Now using own Thread to get Drives
[frmMDI] FIXED: Link to Temp-Site fixed

- Public Beta Release

[pnlExGpd_Create] FIXED: Woudlnt add Pictures in rare circumstances
-With "rare" I mean "always"
[XDBF_AchievementEntry] FIXED: Locked & Unlocked Description switched
[XDBF_AchievementEntry] FIXED: Locking Online Achievements wouldnt work
[XDBF_SyncList] CHANGED: Will now Sort the Locked Achievements
[pnlExGpd_Create] ADDED: "Add Pictures" Option
-Will add the Achievement-Pictures
[frmMain] CHANGED: exGA Version string will be set again
[frmMDI] FIXED: "opFile" Argument stopped working
-Forgot to update
[pnlExGpd_Read] FIXED: Duplicated Items
-Only after re-opening
[pnlExGpd_Read] CHANGED: General recode
-Easier to maintain now
[GameEdit/Halo3] CHANGED: General recode
-Should fix a few problems
[geHalo3] FIXED: RallyPoints wouldnt save
[Universal] CHANGED: Most used DLL´s now internal
-Shouldnt require that much RAM anymore
[pnlGame] FIXED: CoD2 GameEdit enabled again
-WTF why did I comment this out ?!

- Stable Public Release

[XDBF] FIXED: "UpdateTotals" would be in an infinite loop
-Stupid me

- Stable Public Release

[frmMain] CHANGED: pnlExGa loading code
-Better performance
-Control wont freeze anymore when selecting "exGA"
[frmMDI] CHANGED: Updater code
[FileFormats/exGA] ADDED: Event when the File is loaded
[pnlExGa] CHANGED: Simple recode
[frmMDI] CHANGED: Initial Size will be bigger now
[pnlExGa] CHANGED: Made more Idiot-proof
[GameEdit/Halo3] FIXED: Saving will now set Sync.
[geHalo3] FIXED: Now also saving the Second Page
[frmFatX] FIXED: When closing Form all Profiles will be closed
[frmFatX] CHANGED: After loading the profile the STFS package will be closed
-We dont need it anymore anyway, since we dont want to save the hole thing
[frmFatX] CHANGED: More checks for if "Load Profile" is checked
[frmMain] CHANGED: Recoded "ClosePackage" function
-Sometimes the form wouldnt close when a Exception occured
[GameEdit/CastleCrashers] FIXED: Saving will now set Sync.

- Stable Public Release

[pnlGame] CHANGED: "CheckAvatarAwards" only fired when Dev / Beta
[geCastleCrashers] ADDED
[frmFeeds] CHANGED: Form-Text
-Since the name shows up on the MDI-Parent
[pnlAchievements] FIXED: ListView would go under the InfoGroup
-That what happens if you mess with new Controls
[pnlExGa] CHANGED You can now also search for a TitleID
[frmMain] CHANGED: You can now search for a TitleID
-Just type in the ID into the Search-Field

- Stable Public Release

[Universal] ADDED: A lot of Memory ClearUp
-Requires Heavy testing to avoid Memory Leaks
[pnlExGa] CHANGED: Check if exGPD Version is OK
[frmMDI] CHANGED: Will force to close everything when Update is available

- Private Beta Release

[pnlProfile] CHANGED: Some normal Controls to DevExpress stuff
[pnlProfile] CHANGED: REP loading Code
-Shouldnt throw Exception anymore
[pnlProfile] FIXED: Would throw Exception if Exception would occour

- Private Beta Release

[GamerProfile] ADDED: Function to modify TitlesPlayed List
-Actually allready in code, just added Error-Handling and cookies
[GamerProfile] CHANGED: Updating-Code changed
[pnlProfile] ADDED: Even more Error-Handling
[Universal] CHANGED: General Loading-code Recode
-So you dont need to reload the file anymore after Adding a Game (exGA / exGPD)
[FileFormats/exGA] ADDED: A lot Error-Handling
[pnlGame] CHANGED: Some stuff regarding AvatarAwards...
[frmMain] FIXED: Switching from exGA to another tab and back would throw exception
[frmMain] CHANGED: exGA will now be loaded when loading the Profile
[Universal] CHANGED: Better Memory-Handling
-After a 80MB Profile took nearly 600MB of RAM...
[pnlExGa] CHANGED: Form wont freeze anymore when Downloading / Adding
-Actually downloading the file is faster then adding ...
[frmMDI] ADDED: "Last Log" BarText added
-Since you cant see the log for 90% of the time :-P

- Private Beta Release

[pnlExGa] ADDED: GameAdding ftw!
[frmMDI] CHANGED: While Updating you wont be able to Open a Profile
-For exGA security
[GameEdit/CoD4] FIXED: Another check while reading for 0-Byte
[FileFormats/exGPD] ADDED: "TotalAchievementsPossible" & "TotalAchievementsUnlocked"
[pnlProfile] CHANGED: Loading includes a lot of Error-Handling
-Wasnt able to reproduce the Error caused for some people
[frmMDI] ADDED: Last piece of exGA Code
[pnlEntries] FIXED: Would throw Exception if the Type wouldnt have any Entries
-Caused by Obfuscation / Encryption ... dont fkn ask me why, gonna rage someday
[GamerProfile] FIXED: PEC-File wouldnt be closed

- Stable Public Release

[FileFormats/exGPD] CHANGED: The Unlock-States can now be changed
[frmExGpd_Edit] ADDED
[frmExGpd_Read] ADDED
[pnlEntries] CHANGED: "Set Sync" will ALWAYS be enabled
-Wont work on everything, obviously
[pnlEntries] CHANGED: When Multi-Select Edit-Panels wont appear
[eiSetting_Binary] ADDED: Panel to Extract / Inject Binary-Entries
[pnlAchievements] CHANGED: RichTextBox for Description is larger
[pnlAchievements] CHANGED: If DateTime is "00:00:00 01.01.1601" it will be set to DateTime.Now
[frmMDI] FIXED: Some Dev and Beta Stuff would appear to everyone
-Luckily I didnt implement most of the shit :-P

- Stable Public Release

[frmFatX] CHANGED: Loading Images faster now
[FileFormats/exGPD] FIXED: Will now set the "IsValid" bool
-Stupid me
[frmMDI] CHANGED: exProfileEditor.com Button Enabled
-Leading to Temp-Site
[frmMDI] ADDED: About Button
-Was there before, iDunno why it dissapeared

- Stable Public Release

[Updater] CHANGED: Will now Support-Beta stuff
[pnlExGpd_Read] CHANGED: Will add the Achievements Image, if present in exGPD
[FileFormats/exGPD] ADDED: Option to safe GameSettings
[geHalo3] CHANGED: Some things to make resetting missions possible
-Because of saving ... ya know
[Halo3] ADDED: Save-Stuff
-Cant really test outside of the App, since I dont have the game anymore (duh!)
[eiSetting_DateTime] ADDED: Panel to See / Edit those DateTime´s
-Pretty rare, actually
[eiSetting_Number] ADDED: Panel to See / Edit those number thingys
[eiSetting_String] ADDED: Panel to See / Edit a String
[eiString] ADDED: Panel to See / Edit a String
[pnlEntries] CHANGED: Will load first Item when changing Entry-Type
[eiImage] ADDED: Panel to See / Extract / Inject a Image
[pnlEntries] ADDED: Right-Click Item "Set Sync"
[pnlEntries] ADDED: "SyncEntry" Column for Setting-, Image- and StringEntry´s
[XDBF] CHANGED: Unlocking-Offline would set the UnlockTime to 0
-Thats just wrong ...
[exGPD_Create / Read] REMOVED: Combined and recoded into "FileFormats/exGPD"
-Makes stuff simpler to maintain
[exGA_Create / Read] REMOVED: Combined and recoded into "FileFormats/exGA"
-Makes stuff simpler to maintain

!!! exGA Version increased to !!!
-Older version are compatible

[exGA_Create / Read] ADDED: "Hidden" variable
-So stuff will only be visible for Beta / Dev
[exGA_Create / Read] ADDED: "GsPossible" / "AchPossible" variables
[pnlGame] CHANGED: Prevent from redrawing when loading a game
[frmMain] CHANGED: "Unlock All" simplified
-Works a lot faster now (still might require some time)
[frmMain] FIXED: exGA-Check now fully working
[pnlExGpd_Create] ADDED: Search-Stuff
[pnlExGpd_Read] ADDED: Search-Stuff
[frmMDI] ADDED: FileSystemWatcher to make sure noone deletes importand stuff
-Actually currently only used for the Temp-Folder
[frmFatX] FIXED: Would throw Exception if Temp-File allready exists
[frmMain] FIXED: "Save to LocalFile" wouldnt work if loaded from FATX
-Will now Move the Temp-File
[pnlExGpd_Read] FIXED: In rare cases TitleImage would be null
-will now skip the image
[STFS] FIXED: Better FileStream handling
-Requires some more fixes to work 100%
-Loads some more Packages now
[STFS] CHANGED: Better Error-Feedback
[pnlGame] CHANGED: Only show "Entries" Tab if DashGPD
[pnlGame] CHANGED: Always close AvatarAwards Tab
[pnlGame] CHANGED: Close GameEdit Tab on startup
[frmMain] REMOVED: Second "Save..." Button

- Stable Public Release

[frmMDI] CHANGED: Logo
-Still need a graphic-slave >.<
[frmMain] ADDED: TextEdit to search for a Game
-Result will depend on the Game-Type selection
[frmMain] ADDED: ComboBox to select the Game-Type to show
[frmMain] CHANGED: Loading / Reloading code changed
-Necessary for the "Searching" option
[exGA_Read] ADDED: More Error-Handling
[pnlExGa] ADDED: Panel to Add Games
-Will be enabled server-side
[pnlExGpd_Create] FIXED: Would throw Exception if TitleImage == null
[frmMain] FIXED: Would throw Exception if TitleImage == null
[CoD7] FIXED: String parsing now also catches the 0-Byte
-Shouldnt even happen ... iDunno
[frmMDI] CHANGED: GameAdder download included into Updater
[GamerProfile\Account] ADDED/FIXED: Support for Offline-Profiles
[frmExGa_Create] ADDED
-Wont be available for public anyway
[frmMDI] CHANGED: Will check if theres a Internet Connection
[geHalo3] ADDED: GameEdit-Panel to change Halo 3 Settings
-With a lot of shit there ...
-Seriously ... took me a hole day
[Halo3] ADDED: Class to modify Settings
-Can not create fresh settings (yet)
[CoD7] CHANGED: Sync will be set when saving
[CoD4] CHANGED: Sync will be set when saving
[Universal] "AppendLog" function changed
-Will clearly say now where stuff happens
[ArgumentHandler] ADDED
-Simple class to parse Arguments

!!! exGPD Version increased to !!!
-Older versions are NOT compatible

[exGPD_Create] REMOVED: "Unlocked" & "UnlockedOnline"
-Not required at all (stupid me)
[GamerProfile] Some slight changes ...
-Regarding Achievement stuff
[frmMain] CHANGED: "UpdateGames" Function
-Works a bit faster now
-Does Update everything now
[pnlGame] ADDED: Right-Click Menu for TitleImage
-Able to inject / extract Image
[pnlGame] CHANGED: "LastPlayed" Buttons removed
[pnlGame] CHANGED: TitleName is now editable!
-Will only apply after pressing "ENTER"
[pnlProfile] CHANGED: picStar´s Size fixed + Centered
[pnlExGpd_Read] FIXED: Checking an Item would cause an Exception
[geCod7] ADDED: Character-Counter
-Look below, just with a few less Chars (931 + 0 at the end)
[geCod4] ADDED: Character-Counter
-Since the Limit per GPD is 1000 Characters (999 + the 0 at the end)
[tabTwitter] CHANGED: Would always throw exception after 7 Updates
-Dont know why, added some Error handling
[geCod4] ADDED: Some Loading-Security
[geCod7] ADDED: GameEdit-Panel to change CoD-Settings
-Only thing thats different to CoD4 / 5 is that the hole fun is Encrypted ... sad
[CoD7] ADDED: Class to modify Game-Settings
[frmFatX] FIXED: Would close when pressing "Load Devices"
-WHY SO STUPID!!?!?!??!
[frmFatX_SelectDevice] CHANGED: "Path" will not be a REAL Path
[pnlAchievements] CHANGED: ImageList will be cleared when Game is null
-Would only appear if DashGPD is loaded
[pnlAchievements] ADDED: Right-Click Menu for Achievement Image
-Able to Inject an Image for that Achievement
[exAA] ADDED: Same as exGA, just for AvatarAwards
-Only used for "AvatarAdding"
[pnlGame] CHANGED: LoadGameEdit will dynamicly get the Ach-Tab Index and move behind it
-For future use ... maybe ... iDunno
[CoD4] FIXED: Would return nothing if all 3 Entries wouldnt exist
-Looks like it happens ... sometimes ... for some reason ... blaw
-Now going to return everything thats there, and create new entries
[exPEC] ADDED: Same as exGPD / exGA, just for AvatarAwards
-Same as exGPD, for transfering Avatar-Award State´s including the assets
[geCod4] ADDED: LineNumbers for all RTB´s
-So people see where the string starts and ends
[pnlGame] CHANGED: Some stuff for GameEdit
-Like that the GameEdit page will be reloaded on every game
[geCod5] ADDED: Actually same as geCod4 :-P
-Only time Cod5 will be mentioned, if changes made to Cod4 they also apply on Cod5
[geCod4] ADDED: GameEdit-Panel to change CoD-Settings
-Is even able to create the Setting
[pnlGame] CHANGED: TitleID is now selectable (just useful for me :-3)
-Switched lable with TextBox
[STFS] FIXED: Wouldnt propperly save some stuff
-Profile would appear without ContentImage on 360
[GamerProfile] FIXED: For some reason the GamerPicture would be in use sometimes
-Will get the Image from the Container now
[frmMain] CHANGED: DashboardGPD wont show up in the Game-List anymore
-There is a button on pnlProfile now
-Requires a DoubleClick, so noobs wont fuck up stuff
[pnlEntries] CHANGED: Multi-Extract enabled
[pnlEntries] FIXED: "Length" would be the Entrie´s Length, not of the Data
-Will get the Size directly from the Data, not just (EntrySize - 24(or was it 23 ?! iDunno))
[pnlEntries] FIXED: SettingEntry´s are not only byte[]´s
[frmAbout] CHANGED: Some small fixes ...
[frmMain] FIXED: "Unlock All" wouldnt sync
-Ooops ...
[frmMain] CHANGED: "Unlock All" will now put unlocked achievements ontop of the allready unlocked
[frmMain] CHANGED: Some functions simplefied
[frmMain] CHANGED: Uploading to FatX faster nao
[frmFatX] CHANGED: Not "static" anymore, will use the ProfileID now
[frmFatX_UploadProcess] ADDED: Will show the Uploading-Process to the User
[frmFeed] CHANGED: SubItems were also Bold
-Not able to fix
[pnlExGpd_Read] CHANGED: More exact Feedback-Messages
[pnlExGpd_Read] ADDED: Little "Info" Box
-Same as on pnlExGpd_Create
[pnlExGpd_Read] CHANGED: If "Only Add" is enabled, "Unlock Offline" and "Overwrite Unlocked" will be dissabled
[pnlExGpd_Read] ADDED: "Unlock Offline"-Checkbox
-Will Unlock an Achievement offline if its meant to be unlocked / changed
[Universal] CHANGED: Now using .Net 3.5
-Big Problems with Obfuscation
-Took me 2 hours to fix everything
[Universal] CHANGED: Force to x86
-Hard problems with x64 Machines
[frmMain] CHANGED: Some better Error-Handling
[CoD4] ADDED: Class to modify Game-Settings
[pnlGame] FIXED: Once "Offline" would be checked if wouldnt uncheck
-Dwnt forget the "else"´s, faggot!
[frmMDI] FIXED: Updater wouldnt catch a 404 Error
[tabTwitter] CHANGED: "ScreenName" SubItem will include CreatedTime
[tabTwitter] CHANGED: Text will now be the Status
-Just to show the hole status
-First SubItem will be ScreenName, second CreatedTime
[tabTwitter] FIXED: List would flicker like hell
-Caused by BackgroundImage
-Using same ListView as the Achievement-List now (required small changes)
[tabTwitter] CHANGED: List uses BackgroundImage from Account
[frmFeeds] ADDED: "RSS" Tab
-Will get latest News from exProfileEditor.com
-Double-Click will Open the link
-Right-Click Menu
[frmFeeds] ADDED: "Twitter" Tab
-Reloads every 5 mins
-Double-Click will Open the link
-Right-Click Menu
[frmFeeds] ADDED: Will keep user Up-To-Date about everything
-RSS from exProfileEditor.com
-Twitter (IIv3n3II)
[frmMain] CHANGED: When loading from FATX the Text thingy will be different
[pnlExGpd_Read] FIXED: "OnlyAdd" would set the Flags to 9 instead of 0
[pnlProfile] FIXED: VoiceVolume would be set wrong
-everything *10
[exGPD_Create] CHANGED: When selecting multiple Games no Achievements will be loaded
[exGPD_Create] CHANGED: Optimized Image loading
[exGPD_Create] CHANGED: "Select / Deselect All" will now require less magic
-Before the "ItemChecked" Event would always being fired and freeze the GUI
-It still does, but just for a sec
[exGPD_Create] ADDED: MultiThreading for loading Games
[exGPD_Create] ADDED: Little Infobox for selected Games
[Universal] CHANGED: Filter to all FileDialogs
-Ok ... nearly all ...

!!! exGPD Version increased to !!!
-Older versions are NOT compatible

[exGA / GPD_Read & Create] ADDED: Magic to identify both filetypes
-Seriously, do not mess with this
[exGPD_Read & Create] CHANGED: Now requires less memory for de- / encrypting
[exGPD_Read] FIXED: Unhandled exception if GameImg would be null
-Should not happen at all, but who knows ...
[exGPD_Read] CHANGED: Simplyfied
-Works a bit faster now
[exGA_Create & READ] ADDED: Just a Dev-Tool to Create GameAdder packages
[regEdit] ADDED: Will be used to store Settings / Stats
-Class to read/write from Registry
-Does stuff on-the-fly :-3
[Universal] CHANGED: Switched from "x86" to "Any CPU"
-Means the hole fun will run a bit faster on a x64 OS
-Negative thing is ... I cant edit the code anymore while debugging ... awesome ...
[pnlAchievements] FIXED: When changing from MultiSelect to SingleSelect focused item will be loaded
-Before it would just go "bleh" and select one item without fireing the event
[pnlAchievements] CHANGED: "ListView.SelectedIndexChanged" replaced with "ItemSelectionChanged"
-List is a bit faster now
[pnlAchievements] ADDED: "Locked" & "Unlocked" RadioButtons for Description
[frmFatX] CHANGED: If Profiles are NOT loaded, the GamerPic will now be the ContenImage
-MIGHT not be the actual GamerPic
[frmFatX] CHANGED: If Profiles are NOT loaded, the Gamertag will now the the ID
[Universal] CHANGED: Incredible Performance improvements
-For all Controls which Load Images from the Profile
[Universal] CHANGED: All MDI-Childs are now completely skinned
[pnlExGpd_Create] CHANGED: When "Anonimized" GT wont be attached to the FileName anymore
[pnlExGpd_Create] CHANGED: Wont freeze anymore
-Writing to Log for every file made exPE freeze :-/
[Universal] CHANGED: Now using .Net Framework 4
[frmMDI] ADDED: Pretty pictar for "Create Profile..."
[GamerProfile] CHANGED: Few changes for FATX
-Is a bit faster and easier to maintain now

- RC3 Public Release

[Universal] ADDED: Will always run in Admin mode
-Required for doing FATX stuff
[Universal] CHANGED: Recoded a lot of stuff todo with FATX
[pnlProfile] ADDED: Account Stuff
[Account] ADDED: Check if file is from XDK or not
[pnlProfile] CHANGED: "Crown"-Thingy
-No Image = 0 Years
-Still need to redo the Images ... just 1 image with a label on top of it would be bett0r
-Takes too much resources this way
[frmMain] FIXED: Exception handling was broken for some reason ...
-It worked before ... REALLY
-Dont look at me like this ...
[frmMDI] CHANGED: Activated Multiselect
-It was actually meant to be before ... strange ...
[frmMDI] ADDED: Startup Arguments
- "-openFile "*ProfilePath*"" will open a profile from desired path
[frmAbout] ADDED: Credits to CLK
-The Guy, not the car
[pnlFatX] ADDED: Check if File got Extracted
[pnlProfile] CHANGED: MaxSize for Motto, Location, Name & Bio
[pnlLog] FIXED: FilePath would contain Illegal Characters
[Universal] CHANGED: Nearly all Form-Icons
-They will all get theirs now from the MDI-Form
[pnlProfile] FIXED: Game-Pics would start at "1", not "0" ...
[frmMain] FIXED/CHANGED: "RemoteChangeGame" function now starts at the 3rd Index
-When clicking a game on pnlProfile if would throw an Exception because of the Profile in the Game-List
[pnlProfile] ADDED: "Reset"-Button
-Since I never re-load the Panel the Settings always stay the same
-When pressing "Reset" it will load the stuff from before
[pnlProfile] CHANGED: Avatar-Colors now Enabled
[GamerProfile_Settings] FIXED: Now propperly loads / saves the Avatar-Colors
[pnlEntries] CHANGED: Recoded Saving function
[Universal] FIXED: Grammar Stuff

- RC2 Panic-Release

[pnlProfile] FIXED: "Crown"
-Saved "10", which actually was a Debugging-Feature (to test & stuff)
-Still need to test sync

- RC2 Public Release

[GamerProfile] FIXED: "Crown"

- RC2 First Public Release

!!! Removed some things !!!
-This is for the public release, since some features are not done and / or not meant to be public.

[frmMDI] CHANGED: The way the Builds are handled
[pnlProfile] ADDED: Look 1 thingy below
[GamerProfile_Settings] ADDED: "Avatar_SkinColor" & "Avatar_HairColor" & "Avatar_LipColor" AndSoOnFFS
[pnlProfile] ADDED: "Crown"
-Just click on the Year-Thingy to edit
-Still need a propper Image for it
[GamerProfile] ADDED: "Crown"
-Indicates how long youre on Xbox LIVE (in Years)
-Requires some more testing, but its rather simple
[pnlEntries] ADDED: Temprorary Right-Click Menu (need üt for resöärsch)
-"Extract" Will extract the SELECTED Entry

!!! WARNING !!!
I just did a test and loaded a Profile (fresh created) with more then 1300 Games added...
Never do it ... seriously ... it took like 3mins on a QuadCore iMac ...
!!! /WARNING !!!

[pnlExGpd_Create] CHANGED: Will not show "Games" with 0G Possible
-Theres a reason why its only on Create ... kekeke
[pnlLog] CHANGED: Theres now a " " between TimeDate and Message
-Looks betta nao
[pnlGame] CHANGED: Now handles the DashGPD a bit better
[frmMain] CHANGED: Will now report bunch of Images, instead of every single one
[Universal] CHANGED: MountPth will be now ALWAYS in Application.StartupPath + "\\Temp"
-Will clear the folder on every start
-Will be more useful for FATX-Shit
[frmMain] CHANGED: Threading doesnt make sense with too much invokes ...
-Will now Report a bunch of games, and not every single one
-Loading is way faster now (GO ME !!!)
-TESTED: Game with way above 300 Games now takes a few secs to load ... or its just the faster iMac :-P
[frmMain] FIXED: Exception handling would throw an exception ... haha -_-
[pnlEntries] ADDED: Ability to Extract all kinds of Entries
[pnlEntries] ADDED: Different Panels for all kinds of Entries

!!! exGPD Version increased to 0.6.2

[exGPD_Read & Create] ADDED: Some more values ...
[exGPD_Read & Create] CHANGED: AES to Rijnablaw
-Its actually the same ... but meh
-Changed it for ... future stuff :-3

- RC1 Private Release

[Updater] CHANGED: Will now Open new exPE Build and close the Updater
-Version increased to

!!! exGPD Version increased to 0.6 !!!
-Older exGPD Version WONT work

[exGPD_Read & Create] FIXED: Special Characters would appear wrong
-base64 ftw!
[Universal] REMOVED: A lot Developer-Features
-Will still be present, just not for public
-Later on I will add an "Advanced" Option for people to access those features
[pnlExGpd_Read] ADDED: Check if current GPD (in the profile) is older / newer
[pnlExGpd_Read] FIXED: Would throw an Exception if AchId not found
-Only appeared if GPD of the creator would be newer
-Will now update the GPD
--Will also overwrite allready existing Image / TitleName (if not up-to-date)

- RC1 Private Release
--This is a Release Candidate, so I prepare for a release soon

OK ... at this point I forgot to note some things I changed, since I worked for about 10 hours at exGPD ...
Had to change a lot of things for exGPD and fix the same again >.<

[pnlExGpd_Create] ADDED: "Select all" / "Deselect all" Buttons
[pnlExGpd_Read] ADDED
-Will read your exGPD
-Some Options: "Only Add Games", "Overwrite allready unlocked"
[pnlExGpd_Create] FIXED: CheckBox´es for listAchievement ... wat ?
[frmMain] CHANGED: Combined both "Loading" Threads
-I dont know why I seperated them in the first place ... who cares :-P
[exGPD_Create & Read] CHANGED: Performance improvement
-Less memory usage, MOAR SPEED
[pnlExGpd_Create] CHANGED: Performance improvement
-Does now use the ImageList for Games from frmMain
[pnlExGpd_Create] ADDED
-Ability to Export your Games + its Achievement-Order
-You can Anonymise your exGPD (if only be used for GameAdding)
--That will order the Achievements like they normaly do, lock them and set everything back to "normal"
[exGPD_Create & Read] CREATED
-Wüt encrüptiön :-3
[pnlAchievements] ADDED: "CTRL + A" on Achievement-List will select all
[frmMain] CHANGED: Performance improvements
-pnlGame wont be re-loaded if the Panel before loaded is pnlGame
-This will decrease flickering
-Also thought about removing the "Enabled = false" thingy, but on slower machines this would go terrible wrong
[frmMain] CHANGED: DashboardGPD can now be loaded
-Now, on Beta, it will always be loaded into the List
-Later, there will be a "Advanced"-Option for it
[pnlGame] CHANGED: When loading Everything the Achievements-Tab will be auto-selected
[frmMain] CHANGED: Simplified Game-Selection function shizzle ma nizzle
-Way easier to expand / maintain now
[frmMain] ADDED: Warning for "Unlock All (Offline)"
[frmMain] FIXED: this.Activate() is NOT this.Focus() ...
[frmMain] FIXED: Backgroundworker is better then ANYTÜNG ÖLS
[pnlEntries] ADDED
-Actually only interesting for people who reverse-engineer
-You can extract / modify / add all kind of Entry-Type´s
-Deleting will be added after recoding the XDBF-Save function (will take shitload of time)
-ONLY for advanced Users
-Helps me Debugging Profiles :-3
[Universal] CHANGED: All listView´s and treeView´s have now BorderStyle = None
[pnlAchievements] CHANGED: If there is no Achievement it would go "BLAAAAAAAAAW" and party hard
[frmMain] CHANGED: Changed AGAIN the hole way the listView behaves

- Private release

[frmMDI] CHANGED: Slight modifications to the Updater
[frmMain] CHANGED: Disabled customization of bar
[frmMain] CHANGED: Changed the hole way the listView behaves
-You cant select "nothing" anymore
-RightClick-Menu only appears if you clicked an item
-RightClick-Menu will not appear on Profile
[Universal] CHANGED: All Forms are now pre-loaded
-First Load will take more time but overall a massive performance improvement
-Most recognisable when switching from Game to game
[frmMain] CHANGED: Form will now get Focus while Saving
-Would focus pnlLog
[frmMain] ADDED: RightClick-Menu for Game-List
-Only working button right now is "Unlock All (Offline)"
-"Delete Game" requires more testing
[pnlProfile] CHANGED: Removed "Save"-Button
-Required to always Pre-Load the panel on frmMain
-Maybe I should also Pre-Load the Game-panel ... hmm ...
[pnlGame] ADDED: Some moar logging
[pnlGame] ADDED: LastTimePlayed
-ReadOnly, since it doesnt sync anyway
[X360DLL] CHANGED: More Error-Handling
[GamerProfile] ADDED: Function "Create"
-Will be able to create a fresh (Offline) Profile
-Requires more testing
[Account] ADDED: Function "LoadDefault"
[GamerProfile] ADDED: "TotalGamerscoreUnlocked_Offline" & "TotalGamerscoreUnlocked_Online"
[GamerProfile] ADDED: "TotalAchievementsUnlocked_Offline" & "TotalAchievementsUnlocked_Online"
[XDBF_TitleEntry] ADDED: "GamerscoreUnlocked_Offline" & "GamerscoreUnlocked_Online"
[XDBF_TitleEntry] ADDED: "AchievementUnlocked_Offline" & "AchievementUnlocked_Online"
[pnlProfile] ADDED: Layout shizzle
-Couldnt be arsed the hole time ... took too much time >.<
[frmMDI] ADDED: "v3n3 @ Twitter"-Button
[Universal] ADDED: Some more Error-Handling + Feedback
[frmAbout] ADDED: Testing Salves
[pnlLog] ADDED: Right-Click Menu (Save / Clear Log)
-Should add Auto-Save... but might require too much ressources
[frmMain] FIXED: Logging while Closing might appear twice
[GamerProfile] FIXED: Would throw an Exception if a TitlePlayed-Entry would be null
-Really weird, looks like some other tool fucked that up :-/
-Need to fix that when saving

- Private release

[frmMDI] CHANGED: Deleted all my Updater Code and wrote everything from scratch
[frmMain] CHANGED: Form cant be resized anymore
[frmMain] CHANGED: Form cant be maximized anymore
[frmMain] CHANGED: Title now contains FilePath
[GamerProfile] FIXED: GPD´s which included "Xbox 360" would be a "AddedTitle"
-Just gonna check now if the GPD really exists as File
[pnlAchievements] CHANGED: Seperated Date and Time (with all necessary changes)
[pnlGame] ADDED: "LastTimePlayed" shizzle
[pnlGame] ADDED: ProgressBar´s for GS and Ach
[pnlAchievements] ADDED: First entry will be automaticly selected after loading
[frmMain] ADDED: First Entry will be automaticly selected after loading
[frmMDI] FIXED: If File woudlnt be a 360 Container a form would still appear
-Still need to improve this a bit
[frmMDI] ADDED: DragNDrop File-Loading (including all necessery changes)
[Program] ADDED: You can now only start 1 instance of exPE

- Private release

[frmMain] CHANGED: Form will not get focus when loading package
-Before it would focus the Log
[frmMain] FIXED: Closing a form would cause a Exception (because of obfuscation)
-Added check if Container is allready closed
[frmMain] CHANGED: Icon is now Gamerpicture
[frmMain] CHANGED: FormTitle is now Gamertag
[frmMDI] CHANGED: FormTitle changed
[frmMDI] CHANGED: Updater changed a bit (since this code was old and fugly)
-Still requires major rewrite with its own form / executable
[STFS] CHANGED: Mount-Folder is now hidden
[Universal] ADDED: Some more Error-Handling (requires still more)
[pnlLog] FIXED: Would throw an Exception after open / close multiple times
-Looks like another thing the Obfuscation fucked up ...
[Universal] ADDED: Added Logging everywhere
[frmMain] ADDED: Loading is now Multi-Threaded
-Loading process is split up into 2 Processes, one for Loading the Package and adding
the Games to the TopEnd and the other one to load the images (which takes a lot of ressources)
-Will hopefully keep the app from freezing and speed up things
-After some testing it appears that small profiles take more time to load but bigger profiles
are faster
-Big Profiles will still LockUp a bit ... needs more investigation
[pnlLog] CHANGED: Moved "\n" from end to beginning
[Universal] CHANGED: Form will lock while Loading / Saving
[frmMDI] ADDED: Check if file is allready in use
[frmMain] ADDED: Package will not be closed when closing form
[pnlAchievements] ADDED: MultiSelect for unlocking Achievements (+ all necessery changes)
-This will replace the "Set All" Function. Just select a few Achievements and it will apply the selected shizzles
[pnlAchievements] REMOVED: "Set All" Button
[frmMain] FIXED: Clicking a Game would cause an Exception
-Dont know why ... Without Obfuscation it worked :-/

- First Private Release

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