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Superliga Clásica Argentina Option File (PES 2021 PS4/PS5) 2.0

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Superliga Clásica Argentina Option File by Adrián Gonzalez, converted to PES 2021 by Voitx9.

  • Installs in PLA League
  • Kits 1024
  • Does not use any Created Players – New Players added in game via Live Update Player Flag.

If you installed V1 already, only install Banfield from V2 for face updates.



  • Adrian06101985 (OF Editor / Facemaker and Kitmaker)
  • xul_racinguista (Kitmaker)
  • MANUELCABJ (Kitmaker)
  • G2X (Collaboration in Kits)
  • ByPEDA69 (Collaboration in Kits)
  • CUERVO15 (Collaboration in Kits)
  • Bertero34 (Collaboration in Kits)
  • JuniorMantis (Official Legends of eFootballPES2020)
  • FacesByLaucha (Facemaker)
  • Juampy050 (Facemaker)
  • MardenDas / Lucio Marden (Facemaker)
  • Diego__Cabj12 (Facemaker)
  • Machiavelli_40 (Facemaker)
  • Mateogames20 (Facemaker)
  • 10NicoPES (Facemaker)
  • Thiago PES Editor (Facemaker)
  • DANI_Garvan (Facemaker)
  • NMLOfficialOk (Faces Collaboration)
  • Allendoglu (Faces Collaboration)
  • Pro evo no1 (Collaboration in Faces)
  • CRAKER 79 (Faces Collaboration)
  • CarlitosPietra (Collaboration in Faces)
  • Maxi_NMQE (Faces Collaboration)
  • jeremj2tweets (Faces Collaboration)
  • Nikito_85 (Faces Collaboration)
  • Rey Almeyda XII (Collaboration in Faces)
  • The corner of LeoSolido (Collaboration in Faces)
  • cervosclasicos (Collaboration in Faces)
  • PES Futebol (Collaboration in Faces)
  • SebaMendiola (Faces Collaboration)
  • Nagaorionlivefr (Faces Collaboration).

Que novedades incluye la versión 2.0


  • Updated Faces.

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