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XNA Remote Package Manager

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This is a lightweight installation manager for pkg files. It comes with a fully dynamic front-end using only jquery, jquery-ui and js-cookie (for storing tasks). NodeJS/NPM is the only component required to run the webserver.

The manager can run on a headless server (no desktop needed). Ideally this server should be have direct and fast access to pkg files!




  • Clone repository, cd into extracted directory
  • Install modules: npm install
  • Edit config.json (see below)
  • Start server:
    • To start in foreground (e.g. in screen): node index.js
    • To start in background: nohup node index.js &


Edit config.json:

  • pkgfolder: Full path to the folder containing your pkg files, must be accessible from server!
  • myip: IP address of your server
  • ps4ip: IP address of your PS4


  • myport: Change port of server / landing page

Remember to enable the configured port in your firewall!

Optimizing transfer speed:

With all your devices connected via Gigabit LAN (1000BASE-T) you should be able to reach transfer speeds of more than 20 MB/s. Given that, the installation of a 40GB pkg file takes around 30 mins.

To optimize transfer speed check the following points:

  • Server has 'fast' access to the configured pkgfolder, either directly or via Gigabit connection (for SMB share make sure to use SMB v3.0)
  • Server and PS4 are connected to eachother via Gigabit LAN (1000 Mbit/s router/switch + Cat 5e/6/7 cables)


All credit goes to flatz for creating the Remote Package Installer!

by cypheron.

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