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Rammstone's Option File (PES 2008 PS3) 1.1

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Install instructions:

 Pack contains 12 kits

 You must use Arsenal Home, Man Utd Home, Liverpool Home and Chelsea Home (these 4 are already placed in SAVEDATA)

 The remaining 4:

  •  Arsenal    Away  OR  Aston Villa Home
  •  Man Utd    Away  OR  Blackburn Home
  •  Chelsea    Away  OR  Man City Home
  •  Liverpool  Away  OR  West Ham Home

Go to "kits" folder in my rar file and choose 4 kits, open the folder for the kit you want, and copy the BLES folder into PS3/SAVEDATA/ folder, also in my .rar file.



When you have copied the 4 kits you chose into SAVEDATA, you copy the whole PS3 folder onto your usb stick / memory stick, plug it into your PS3, go to save data on your PS3, and copy all 8 kits and edit data from your media onto your PS3 hdd and overwrite if needed

If you have already installed my 1.0 option file, you can just copy the EDIT DATA to your ps3 and overwrite the old,  the kits will be the same so its not necessary to copy them again.

Thanks to cooper III for ....::::::mccroix's optionfile 1.1:::::::..... which my option file is based on

Hope you enjoy it.

by Rammstone.

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