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Engel RS8100Y - Firmware 14.07.2017

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Última versión del firmware oficial para el decodificador RS8100Y de Engel.

La lista de canales actualizada para este deco se puede descargar desde aquí: Engel RS8100Y - Lista de canales Astra Movistar.

Use good quality FLASH disk with best read/write performace to avoid damage STB, formatted at FAT32 file system and totally erased device. Copy the ".abs" file on to the root (/).

IMPORTANT: Disconnect STB from INTERNET and SAT signal during upgrade.

TIKS is already ENABLED by default, so if you are comming from a OFFICIAL SW but you have problems with it press MENU --> CONFIGURATION --> INFORMATION --> and press "7777" to enable the hidden menu. TIKS has to be ENABLED only. You have to configure your network by WIFI dongle or Ethernet cable, (if USB WIFI dongle is connected but not in use because you want to use Ethernet cable you have to DISABLE WIFI it first).


1.- Extract ".abs" file into root folder (/) using a Flash disk device.
2.- Insert USB disk on "USB" port slot.
3.- Go to TOOLS option inside menu, then select UPGRADE BY USB option. Select USB drive.
4.- Select "FW" update file (*.abs), press RED button (upgrade), and select "Full Upgrade". Wait until SW will be upgraded!!!
5.- Wait until RS8100HD reboots, dont touch any remote commander key.


MENU --> CONFIGURATION --> INFORMATION --> press "7777" (TIKS, NewCamd Client, NewCamd Server, CCCAM).


There are the following upgrade/backup methods:
* For automatic upgrades :
check feature
    system setup / others / sw checking

if you change the database, you should re-enable this feature to have sw update checking.

  • Full Upgrade --> "ALL FLASH" mode, maincode (firmware) + user data base.
  • Normal Upgrade --> Only maincode update (firmware), existing user data base will be preserved. 
  • Userdb --> Update only the user data base contained on that .abs file.
  • Backup (GREEN button) --> To make a backup of your existing maincode + user data (AllCode).

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